Interviews 25 Jun 2019

Debrief: Todd Waters

DPH Motorsport Husqvarna rider recalls victory at Gympie's MX Nationals.

DPH Motorsport Husqvarna’s Todd Waters claimed his second consecutive overall victory in the Pirelli MX Nationals on Sunday at Gympie sixth, notching his third triumph of the season while earning the points lead in the process.

Image: Foremost Media.

Congratulations on regaining the points lead and winning today’s overall, you must be stoked…

Yeah look, it’s not really my focus [on the red plate] – I just want to win races, and that’s my main focus for the last half of the championship. I just want to keep that ball rolling – I’ve been training hard and I expect to get wins. Today was good, although I’m disappointed in the last race where I made a mistake and let Gibbsy get by me. I wasn’t able to get him back, and he was riding super well. I thought I was controlling the race well, and he went straight by me. I’m bummed about that, but overall I’m hitting my marks better, and my starts were better today. I’m just cruising along, and DPH has given me a great bike to ride – the team support is amazing. My girlfriend Gil has put a good program together, and I’m looking forward to the last half of the championship.

The competition today was really tough – you had Metty all over you in race one, and in race two there were four of you right behind each other. How was it facing the depth of the class all at once?

That is exactly right – there were four dudes pretty much on par, and that’s why I knew I had to get starts. The first race I came from about fourth and made some quick passes to get into the lead, because I knew I could control the race. It’s a pretty difficult track to pass on – like I said, I made a mistake and Gibbsy rode by me – you just had to wait for a rider to make a mistake.

Image: Foremost Media.

Obviously a brand-new track for everyone out there today, what are your thoughts on the MX Farm?

It was interesting – it was probably more on the dry side, so it kind of formed up differently to what I thought. It’s got quite a fast straight, and it got pretty gnarly out there. I thought it was going to be really rutty after walking it yesterday, but it turned out to be quite hard-packed and slippery. Throttle control was key while trying to flow the track.

Finishing today’s riding, do you feel your experiencing the results from your American campaign in the break?

Yeah, it was like a racing holiday. I feel fresh and I’m excited to race the last half of the championship. That was the main goal of it – to keep a fresh mindset and come back and enjoy the last half.

Now that you have the points, what’s your approach in managing it through to Coolum?

The points lead doesn’t bother me – I had it at the start of the year and I lost it, so anything can happen. For me, I just focus on the race – I don’t really give a rats about the championship at this second. As long as I’m winning races, it will be bring the championship.