News 24 May 2019

Suzuki uncovers 2020 RM-Z motocross range

RM-Z450 and RM-Z250 remain largely unchanged for year model 2020.

Suzuki has uncovered it’s 2020 range of motocross models, confirming both the RMZ-450 and RM-Z250 will remain largely unchanged after undergoing major overhauls in recent years.

The RM-Z450 motocrosser returns with its winning handling and quality performance, along with new black and blue accentuated graphics for 2020, while the RM-Z250 boasts a long list of improvements from 2019 with updated graphics matching the premier class model.

2020 suzuki rmz

Image: Supplied

As one of the winningest brands and most successful 450 motorcycles in AMA motocross history, Suzuki’s championship-winning siblings continue to prove its design philosophy of run, turn, and stop that achieves a winning balance on the racetrack.

Whether at a local amateur race or professional supercross and motocross competition, the RM-Z models are for any rider looking to chase their championship dreams.

The RM-Z450 is ready for 2020 after a recent redesign brought a new fame, new suspension with a coil-spring fork, and boosted engine performance in a package that’s easy to flick around the racetrack. The RM-Z250 got a more thorough makeover last year, mirroring the styling of the RM-Z450.

2020 suzuki rmz

Image: Supplied.

Like the RM-Z450, the 250 holds on to its claim as the best handling bike in its class with a new aluminuum twin-spar frame, hydro-formed aluminium swingarm, and new KYB shock and coil-spring fork. Both bikes bring more power to the ranks with competitive advantages like Suzuki’s Holeshot Assist Control that gets an RM-Z out of the gate faster and the Traction Management System that helps the rider maintain their lead to the checkered flag.

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