Products 13 May 2019

Detailed: Motorex Joker 440 spray

Multipurpose spray lubricates parts and prevent corrosion.

Motorex Oils, distributed in Australia by A1 Accessory Imports, has made its Joker 440 spray available at participating dealers and online retailers around the country.

The product is a fully synthetic, universal lubricating and corrosion protection spray. It leaves behind a highly effective protective film, while it creeps under water, protects against corrosion, takes effect dielectrically and cleans and maintains metals and plastics.

motorex joker 440 spray

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Motorex Joker 440 spray key features:
– Indispensable for industry, trade, workshops, and service stations.
– Lubricates all moving parts, stops squeaking, and protects against corrosion.
– Undermines water.
– Has a dielectric effect.
– Cleans and cares for metals and plastics.
– Fully synthetic formula.

Priced at RRP $23.95, the Motorex Joker 440 spray is available in a 500ml container. For more information, visit