Products 11 Apr 2019

Product: Motorex Top Speed 4T oil

Performance enduro and off-road motorcycle oil by Motorex.

A1 Accessory Imports, the Australian distributor of Motorex, has showcased its Top Speed 4T oil, designed for performance enduro and off-road motorcycles.

The Top Speed is a modern synthetic high-performance engine oil for four-stroke motorcycles, utilising MC (Molecular Converted) technology, high-quality based oils that are refined chemically and achieve a very high level of performance.

motorex top speed 4t oil

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Motorex Top Speed 4T oil key features:
– Modern synthetic high-performance engine oil.
– 100 percent MC (Molecular Converted) technology with PAO and Ester.
– Excellent wear protection and thermal and shear stability.
– Low Noack reduces oil consumption.
– Available in 10w30, 10w40, and 15w50 options.

The Motorex Top Speed 4T oil is available in one-litre and four-litre containers, priced at RRP $25.95 and RRP $95.00 respectively. For more information, visit