Products 4 Apr 2019

Product: 2019 Motorex Air Filter Cleaning Kit

Complete Motorex essentials to air filter maintenance.

A1 Accessory Imports, the Australian distributor of Motorex, has announced the release of its Air Filter Cleaning Kit, which contains all the essentials to maintaining your air filters.

The kit includes the Motorex Air Filter Cleaner, which as opposed to petrol – which actually breaks down your filters – is free of solvents, is biodegradable and non-combustible. Meaning it’s safe for you and the environment! Simply wash out with warm water and allow to dry.

The second product in the kit is the Motorex Racing Bio Liquid Power, which is the brand’s high-performance, highly-adsorbent and biodegradable air filter oil. Developed closely with Twin Air, Racing Bio Liquid Power guarantees optimum air flow and excellent adhesion that prevents ingress of sand, dust and water!

motorex air filter cleaning kit

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Completing the package is an all-in-one Air Filter Maintenance Kit, boasting the must-haves to ensure ease of cleaning dirty filters, oiling clean filters, and storing them away.

2019 Motorex Air Filter Cleaning Kit includes:
– 1x Air Filter Oil 206 1L.
– 1x Air Filter Cleaner 5L.
– 1x Grease 2000.
– 1x Air Filter Oiling Tub.
– 1x Air Filter Cleaning Tub.
– 1x Drying Rack.
– 1x Pair of latex gloves.

Priced at RRP $145, the Motorex Air Filter Cleaning Kit is now available from participating dealers and online retailers. For more information, visit