News 4 Apr 2019

AORC Outright scoring preferred according to Milner

Reigning E3 champion in favour of seeing Outright scoring return.

Image: Foremost Media.

Daniel Milner has expressed his preference on seeing official scoring of the Outright standings in the Yamaha Australian Off-Road Championship (AORC), which the series abandoned following the 2016 season.

Since returning to Australia from a stint in America’s GNCC, Milner has earned top Outright honours in his 2017 and 2018 campaigns – unofficially – which has ultimately denied him the chance of running the coveted number one plate.

The KTM Enduro Racing Team contender would be in favour of seeing the return of Outright scoring, explaining its still the key focus for majority of riders campaigning in the growing championship.

“I was that young guy who looked up to guys who ran the number one plate,” Milner told “For me, it’s hard to put all the time and effort that we do into training to get that number one plate – it’s the glory for when you’re a young kid – to no be able run it when you’ve earned it – it’s a bummer.

“I think when I was coming up through the ranks, it was always to get into the top 10 – from there it was to get into the top five, and then it was all about the number one plate from there. I know everyone looks at the Outright – that’s definitely where they want to be checking out – no one really cares about the class.

“The class is good, but it’s definitely an Outright kind of sport, and it’s been like that for so long. For them to change it whenever they decided to change it, it’s pretty disappointing to see it happen. It would be awesome to see them bring the Outright back and get the glory of being the number one guy.”

Earning the E3 title in 2018, Milner transferred back to E2 this season, taking out a stunning double-victory at Toowoomaba’s opening round, where he also topped the unofficial Outright times on both days. The AORC returns to action this weekend at Dungog in New South Wales.