News 2 Apr 2019

Privateer Pozniak shines in Wonthaggi Sprint races

New South Welshman leads strong privateer charge at the second round.

Image: Foremost Media.

Wonthaggi’s second round of the 2019 Pirelli MX Nationals saw KTM-mounted privateer Cooper Pozniak shine in the opening MX2 Sprint races, which the category experienced for the first time this season.

The New South Welshman rode strongly in the two back-to-back eight-lap outings, lodging a 3-4 scorecard for runner-up honours on the combined results sheet, which he later paired with a 13th place finish in the final moto for fifth overall.

Despite declaring his style isn’t suited to the shorter motos, Pozniak is relishing the results that have boosted his belief in just the early stages of the championship.

“I’m really happy with how those first two races went,” Pozniak told “I put myself in a good position off the start in both motos and managed to get a third in the first one and a fourth in the second. I actually ran out of fuel in qualifying, so I was worried about that in the last few laps of the second one and just cruised around.

“I don’t mind the Sprint formats, but I’m really not spring guy – I get better towards the end of the motos. That’s why I was surprised with myself, because I never really go good in the first couple of laps in sprint.

“I just put myself in a good position off the starts and just went for it. I would much rather a 30-minute moto, so I’m looking forward to Broadford – I think I’ll do a lot better in them, and it will really show who’s fit and who’s not fit I guess.”

The MX2 division was littered with outstanding performances from privateer contenders, with Jy Dickson (KTM) and Sam Pelz (Husqvarna) winding up sixth and seventh overall, followed by Issac Ferguson (KTM) in 10th.

The premier class also witnessed standout rides from self-funded riders Erki Kahro (KTM) and Charlie Creech (Husqvarna), the duo landing in third and sixth respectively. Featuring in the top 10 were privateers Zak Small (Husqvarna), Jayden Rykers (Suzuki) and Jesse Dobson (Husqvarna) in positions seven, eight and nine.