News 28 Feb 2019

Dack prioritising tailored tuning over further YZ450F development

CDR Yamaha Monster Energy showcases updated 2019 look.

Image: Supplied.

CDR Yamaha Monster Energy owner Craig Dack has mentioned the squad is focused on tailored adjustments to the YZ450F for newly-signed riders Kirk Gibbs and Luke Clout, rather than further developing the premier class contender.

The current generation YZ450F was introduced for 2018, with majority of development already taken place by USA-bound rider Dean Ferris, who piloted the motorcycle to a third-consecutive MX1 crown and 10 overall wins from 10 rounds in the Pirelli MX Nationals last season.

“This is our second full season on the current generation YZ450F and it’s a sensational bike with a great chassis and powerful motor,” Dack explained. “Our time isn’t spent trying to develop the bike a great deal but rather personalise it for the individual rider as the production platform is so good.

“Brad, Aiden and Gary are able to get the most from it and the riders respect the fact we have such high quality technical staff at CDR.”

The powerhouse squad formally introduced the team and its partners today, showcasing the updated look it will sport in the upcoming MX Nationals followed by the Australian Supercross Championship.

“I love this time of year,” he added. “All the hard work over the off-season from both the riders and the teams comes to the surface now and it’s time to go racing. This is why we do the work – to see how it plays out on the weekends.

“Having Appin as the opening round this year should make for a great start to the season as the track always turns on great racing and its well supported by the fans. Our team has a good history at the venue and we hope for that to continue this year.

“Both Luke and Kirk have had a great pre-season, and both are showing good form. Kirk has raced in New Zealand and showed plenty of speed and quickly adapted to the YZ450F while Luke has done a couple of local races and been successful at those, so I feel we are well placed heading into round one.”

The opening round of the MX Nationals is scheduled for 17 March at Appin in New South Wales, with the series set to span 10 rounds over eight weekends.