News 11 Feb 2019

Motorcycling Australia launches Women in Motorcycling web page

Motorcycling Australia press release:

It is with great pride that Motorcycling Australia (MA) unveils a brand new ‘Women in Motorcycling’ page on the MA website. Under an initiative to support and develop the participation of women in motorcycle sport, MA and its State Controlling Bodies (SCB) have developed a new platform to provide a supportive environment that recognises and celebrates female contribution in Australian motorcycling.

The ‘Women in Motorcycling’ page has been designed to guide newcomers to the sport through how to race competitively, how to become a member of our supportive nationwide community, and assure women that motorcycling is an inclusive environment. MA’s new page also encourages women to complete their own profile, detailing their heroes, experiences and advice to other women, with the goal of building a community of ladies who seek to support one another.

President of Motorcycling Western Australia and a member of The FIM Oceania Commission for Women in Motorcycling (CFM), Tracy Simpson said “It is wonderful to see that Motorcycling Australia is committed to supporting women and targeting increased participation.

“The new dedicated web page is fantastic and is going to be great central base for all women in the sport to keep connected. I am looking forward to watching it grow and develop. Australia has some amazingly talented women and girls in the sport, and this will promote that.”

Simpson also remarked about the role the new webpage will play in her role forming the new National MA Women’s committee.

“The primary focus of the committee will be to work towards increased opportunities for women in the sport at all levels and in all disciplines” she said. “We will be using the webpage to keep everyone informed on up and coming programs and matters for women.”

“I hope to gather some great ideas and opportunities for our women and girls in Australia and New Zealand. The new webpage will be a useful tool for keeping everyone informed on international matters and connecting the Australian women’s motorcycling community with the women’s motorcycling community around the world.”

Evidenced by the success of Australia’s International Six Day Enduro Team being crowned champions for the sixth consecutive year in 2019, Australia’s female talent has a proud history of international success. Through the Women in Motorcycling page, MA is looking to shine a light on women of all ages, abilities, and roles within the industry.

MA encourages women of all ages and racing disciplines to head to the ‘Women In Motorcycling’ page and complete their own profile whether competitor, official, team member, or any other role within the sport. It is through detailing everyone’s experiences and advice to one another that we as a community can promote and grow the equality of men and women in motorcycling.