Products 18 Jan 2019

Product: 2019 Unifilter 02Rush Gas Gas EC/XC air filter

Australian made product now available for 2019 Gas Gas range.

Australian company Unifilter has released its popular O2Rush air filter for the 2019 range of Gas Gas EC and XC models, including the 200cc, 250cc and 300cc capacities.

The single stage O2Rush air filter features corrugations for increased surface area, a soft seal foam at the base, while it boasts high quality polyurethane air filter foam – up to 14mm thick – that filters even the finest dust particles, yet remains free flowing for optimum performance.

2019 gas gas air filter

Image: Supplied.

2019 Unifilter 02Rush Gas Gas EC/XC air filter key features:
– Unique sawtooth profile for increased surface area.
– Improved airflow and increased power.
– Improved throttle response.
– Improved cage sealing with ultra soft seal technology.

Priced at RRP $35 and distributed by Ficeda Accessories, the Australian made Unifilter O2Rush air filter is now available at participating dealerships and online retailers. For more information, visit