News 22 Oct 2018

Fairy-tale finish for Metcalfe at home round AUS SX

Honda Australia press release:

South Australia’s own Brett Metcalfe has taken his first overall win for the year and it could not have happened in a better place – his home state.

“Wow, just wow. This race has kept me up most nights for many reasons. Firstly I knew my kids and family would be here and secondly I needed to win to keep my championship hopes alive,” said an elated Metcalfe.

Whilst the likeable Australian had a trying Motocross season, he has managed to turn it around in the Supercross Championship.

“In the first 3 rounds of the SX I finished 2nd to my teammate Justin Brayton. This round has been a huge step forward for me, I wanted to win and it could not have been at a better time. It’s my first year with the team and with Honda in Australia, so it can take some time to work everything out and we are really finding our feet. Big thanks to everyone on the team, they have worked nonstop and its showing as Justin and I have finished 1st and 2nd at every round,” continued Metcalfe.

Metcalfe’s win on the weekend has kept his Championship hopes alive as he heads into the final round trailing his teammate by only six points.

“The Championship is super close. On one hand I am glad it’s my teammate as this is a great position for Penrite Honda but on the other hand it makes hard as we are both vying for that crown,”
concluded Metcalfe.

Reigning Champion and current points’ leader Justin Brayton found the weekend trying. Brayton suffered bad starts, which made things more difficult than they needed to be.

“I got bad starts and it hurt my overall in these short races, also crashing didn’t help. I found riders racing me instead of the track and I had to shift my focus and ride defensively,” said Brayton.

Brayton qualified first and won his heat race and although the weekend ended his winning streak, he still managed to take 2nd overall and maintains a six-point advantage over his teammate Brett

“I salvaged what I could. I want to congratulate Metty; whilst I want to win, I was happy to see him win in front of his kids and family.

That’s special for him and the team. I now need to turn my attention to Sydney and the Championship. Sydney is one race I haven’t won and I dearly want to win there,” concluded Brayton.

Unfortunately, Brad Taft’s season has come to an end. The teams sole 250 rider faced a difficult round after qualifying 1st for a third time in as many as four rounds, the round 1 runner up crashed in his heat race breaking two bones in his hand.

“I am completely shattered; I was looking forward to winning the Championship outside of the US but it hasn’t gone my way. I just need to take some time out now to recover and prepare for what comes next,” said Taft.

The team is yet to decide if it will field a replacement for Sydney in the 250 class, as they are focused on chasing a third straight victory in SX1 (450). Team director Yarrive Konsky is proud of his teams’ efforts and overwhelmed by his riders’ success in the SX1 class.

“I can’t believe we have gone 1-2 at every round, it’s a testament to our riders skill but also to Honda’s CRF450R. Both Brayton and Metty rave about the bike and their results show that. Now it’s going to come down to the final round and most likely the final race for the Championship between both of our riders. It’s exciting and nerve wrecking at the same time. We will maintain our focus and continue in the same manner in which we started. Both riders are mature and will do their best and that’s all I can ask for,” said Konsky

The final round of the Australia Supercross Championship, which is also the first round of the inaugural Australasian Championship, is on the 10th of November at Qudos Bank Arena, Olympic Park in Homebush, Sydney. For more information go to or