Products 26 Sep 2018

Product: 2019 Atlas Air neck brace

Premium neck brace now available across the country.

Monza Imports, the Australian distributor of Atlas, has announced its 2019 range of neck braces, including the premier Air model that’s now available at dealerships and online retailers across the country.

Atlas is known for the patented flexible design, providing maximum comfort and mobility. Combining a simplistic minimalist design with flexibility, suspension, and the largest brace-to-body contact ratio makes the Atlas family of braces a clear category leader across the entire range.

Made from a tough, impact resistant polymer construction, it’s ideal for multiple impacts. The flexible nature of the material is designed to slow down violent impacts in an effort to spread out and reduce impact forces, rather than coming to an abrupt stop

The Split-Flex Frame design allows the rear of the brace to mimic the natural movements of your shoulders to provide the ultimate comfort and mobility, while the design of each Atlas neck brace allows it to sit around your spine and sternum, transferring impact forces to the bigger muscle groups rather than directly on the spine and sternum, while greatly increasing surface area contact with the body to dissipate forces more efficiently

atlas air neck brace

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The chest suspension keeps the head in motion during a longer period of the impact, while promoting tuck-and-roll ability during an accident. Unique leaf spring style design provides 30mm of chest suspension to help slow down and reduce impact forces. Each chest support can operate independently, allowing impact forces to be absorbed strategically and effectively

The Atlas air the smallest in overall size compared to the competition, but contacts your body 27 percent more than the competition – making it smaller, and bigger. Increased surface area contact with the body helps spread out impact forces, with the intent of making their effects less noticeable and/or helping to potentially prevent secondary injuries

Previously, Atlas’ rear tethers used an internal braided steel cable for strength. After three years of development, the brand has gone wireless – the new tethers use a specifically formulated rubber compound co-moulded to custom machined aluminium axle nuts. This unique rubber compound provides incredible strength and longevity, withstanding nearly infinite cycle testing

Aluminium Smart Mounts on the back of the Atlas Air provide six possible settings to find tune the fit around your chest and back. The reversible design can move the back supports forward or back, and an internal spline system provides a -10, neutral, or +10-degree micro adjustment to fit various body shapes.

The 2019 Atlas Air neck brace is priced at a recommended retail price of $459.95. For more information, visit