News 25 Sep 2018

Rough Kingston SE AORC circuit favoured by Milner

E3 championship in sight for the factory KTM rider.

Image: John Pearson.

KTM Enduro Racing Team’s Daniel Milner believes the mixed and rough conditions at Kingston SE’s eighth and ninth rounds of the Yamaha Australian Off-Road Championship (AORC) played into his favour as he dominated the weekend in both the outright and E3 standings.

Milner, who has the E3 crown in sight, said the rougher the predominately sandy circuit became, the more comfortable and at ease he was in the two-day encounter.

“It was a very good weekend,” Milner stated. “I started off a bit rusty yesterday, but I got in the groove pretty quickly. As the track got rougher, I got better and became more comfortable.

“It’s been a season that’s stretched out, but it’s definitely been good to win every race so far in the E3 class as well as grabbing outright wins. We just have to carry the momentum and finish off strongly at Omeo.”

The number one holds an extensive 36 point lead in the E3 championship standings with 50 points still up for grabs at Omeo’s final 10th and 11th rounds in Victoria on 6-7 October.