News 14 Aug 2018

Todd takes MX2 glory for Serco Yamaha

Yamaha Motor Australia press release:

Serco Yamaha’s Wilson Todd is the 2018 MX2 MX Nationals Champion after finishing sixth in the opening moto of at the final round of the championship, held at Coolum on the weekend.

Todd just needed 14 points over the weekend to nail down his maiden MX2 crown and after coming so agonisingly close in 2017, he wasn’t about to let it slip this time and took no chances in getting the job done.

Todd started the moto inside the top 10, made a couple of passes and found himself in a safe sixth place with no pressure from in front or behind. He then rode out the remainder of the race as safely as possible and didn’t even try to do anything more than ensure that championship trophy was his at the end of the 30minute moto.

After what seemed like an eternity on the track, Todd crested the last jump going onto the front straight at Coolum, raised his fist and punched the air knowing that he was the 2018 MX2 national champion. The team them surrounded

“I am so glad to get this race over with and secure the championship,” said a relieved and emotional Todd at the end of the race. “I was pretty nervous coming into Gladstone and didn’t ride that well, so I just wanted to not take any risks or do anything stupid. Once I got through the first lap safely, I just picked a couple of riders off, didn’t try to engage anyone and then just rode around.

“It might not have been the flashiest way to win it, but I get that luxury because I built a good points lead through the middle of the championship. But I’m happy and relieved I have it now.”

Once the celebrations were over, it was time to refocus on the second moto of the day and tackle the rough Coolum circuit for another 25 minutes. Again, with the championship under his belt, a looming supercross championship to start in a month, Todd took no risks and circulated in fourth place and barely saw another rider on the track.

His 6-4 results gave him fourth for the round, but Todd won the war and was crowned the 2018 MX2 champion at the official presentation later that afternoon.

“It feels so good to get this championship after what happened last year and I’m so thankful for the team of people that help me. Yamaha, Serco Yamaha and my mechanic Ben have been awesome as well as all our team sponsors. Ross Beaton for all his help and support behind the scenes as well as my family who are here today to watch. So many people play a part in making things like this happen and I’m so happy that I was finally able to win this championship.”

“I look forward to a couple of days off to enjoy this championship and then it’s back to work and time to go after the Australian Supercross Championship and see if we can win both championships in the one year,” Todd ends.

Team Manager, Gavin Eales, was just as relived and excited as his rider after securing another championship for Yamaha in the MX2 class.

“Our last MX Nationals championship was 2014, so it was good to get back on top in motocross and celebrate the win with Wilson. We made a lot of changes this year and it has all been for the better. Having Paul and Ben come on as the mechanics as well as some other behinds the scenes changes have made the team better and it was a real joint effort from everyone to get this result. I’m proud of my guys and they deserve this result.

“Also, huge congratulations to Wilson and his effort this year. He has been great to deal with and matured a lot in the past 12 months. He works hard, is dedicated and determined and when the pressure was on in the middle of the season, he stood up and took the race wins when they were needed.

“And finally, Serco is now on its 17th year in partnership with Yamaha Motor Australia and they have been continued to be a huge supporter of ours. I thank them for their continued support and belief of Serco and hope we have many more successful years to come,” Eales said.