News 10 Aug 2018

Watagans Trail Bike Rally reaches special milestone

Over 600 riders complete the 15th edition of the annual event.

watagans trail bike rally

Over 600 rider have enjoyed the annual Watagans Trail Bike Rally in New South Wales, which reached a special 15th anniversary last weekend.

With some of the best trails in the state, the event has become a must-attend for enduro riders eager to enjoy a weekend full of camping and riding.

The event saw the Yamalube Active8 Yamaha truck on-hand to assist in essential maintenance work to any rider on a Yamaha. Team manager AJ Roberts offered advice and set-up tips, while rider Josh Green and Michael Driscoll showed riders the hot lines around the Yamaha demo lap – a mix of nine WR250Fs and 450Fs were available all weekend for riders to test on a 10-kilometre loop.

The rally was organised by Trail Bike Rallies and major sponsor Powersport Central – namely Rod Cartright and Chris Flaherty – with a wide range of assistants and sweep riders.

Roads in the area were closed to ensure everyone got through safely and there was a range of challenges from easy and hard through to expert, which included the notorious Heartbreak Hill and Erzberg Rock Climb.