Features 5 Aug 2018

Racefeed: 2018 MX Nationals Rd9 Gladstone

Pro class updates direct from round nine of the season in Queensland.

Post-race updates from the MX1 and MX2 classes at round nine of the 2018 Pirelli MX Nationals, direct from Gladstone in Queensland.

Image: Foremost Media.

Pirelli MX2 practice/qualifying (results only):
1. Wilson Todd 2m15.129s
2. Jay Wilson 2m17.087s
3. Aaron Tanti 2m17.539s
4. Richie Evans 2m18.121s
5. Hamish Harwood 2m19.914s
6. Joel Evans 2m20.950s
7. Kaleb Barham 2m20.976s
8. Cody Dyce 2m21.401s
9. Kale Makeham 2m21.742s
10. Kyle Webster 2m21.844s
11. Jy Roberts 2m23.616s
12. Ricky Latimer 2m24.291s
13. Jayden Rykers 2m24.640s
14. Tomas Ravenhorst 2m25.136s
15. Dylan Wills 2m25.331s
16. Sam Pelz 2m27.059s
17. Daniel Boyce 2m27.753s
18. Cooper Pozniak 2m28.037s
19. Ashley Norman 2m28.759s
20. Lochie Latimer 2m28.888s

Thor MX1 practice/qualifying (results only):
1. Dean Ferris 2m05.382s
2. Mitch Evans 2m06.068s
3. Brett Metcalfe 2m07.252s
4. Caleb Ward 2m08.112s
5. Dylan Long 2m09.001s
6. Luke Clout 2m09.804s
7. Corey James 2m13.021s
8. Callum Norton 2m13.377s
9. Rhys Carter 2m13.659s
10. Lachlan Davis 2m14.003s
11. Zak Small 2m14.729s
12. Joben Baldwin 2m14.995s
13. Darcy Jones 2m16.922s
14. Beau Dargel 2m17.007s
15. Charlie Creech 2m17.368s
16. Mitchell Dark 2m19.059s
17. Joel Wightman 2m19.328s
18. Izak Maule 2m20.171s
19. Jake Valinoti 2m23.330s
20. Nic Frayne 2m25.575s

Pirelli MX2 moto one:
New Zealand champion Hamish Harwood (Davey Motorsports KTM) came out on top in a frantic opening MX2 moto for the round, holding Aaron Tanti (Complete Parts Kawasaki Racing) at bay to win by 2.306s. Third was an inspired ride from Jay Wilson (Yamalube Yamaha Racing) despite going down momentarily in the mid-stages, while teammate Richie Evans – leader of the moto at one point – registered a strong ride for fourth. DPH Husqvarna’s Dylan Wills rode to fifth place, as the top 10 was completed by Wilson Todd (Serco Yamaha), early leader Jy Roberts (Husqvarna), Ricky Latimer (Honda Ride Red), Cody Dyce (Empire Motorsports Yamaha) and Jayden Rykers (Raceline Pirelli KTM). It was points-leader Todd who shot out front early, but went down on the opening lap and he had to fight hard to recover for sixth by race’s end. The luckless Kyle Webster (Penrite Pirelli CRF Honda Racing) was in contention during the opening portion of the race, however it appeared a bike problem caused him to plummet back to P19 in yet more disappointment for the Western Australian.

1. Hamish Harwood
2. Aaron Tanti
3. Jay Wilson
4. Richie Evans
5. Dylan Wills
6. Wilson Todd
7. Jy Roberts
8. Ricky Latimer
9. Cody Dyce
10. Jayden Rykers
11. Cooper Pozniak
12. Joel Evans
13. Lochie Latimer
14. Kaleb Barham
15. Daniel Boyce
16. Tomas Ravenhorst
17. Sam Pelz
18. Ashley Norman
19. Kyle Webster
20. Jesse Bishop

Thor MX1 moto one:
CDR Yamaha Monster Energy Team’s Dean Ferris clinched the 2018 MX1 championship with a controlled victory in moto one, sealing the title with three motos to spare to make it a third crown in succession. Ferris was 3.195s ahead of a charging Brett Metcalfe (Penrite Honda Racing) across the finish, with Mitch Evans (Raceline Pirelli KTM) completing the podium in third. While Ferris took charge at the front, Metcalfe put in a strong challenge for the moto’s duration, however wasn’t able to draw close enough to make a move in the latter stages. Evans was a comfortable third, followed by Caleb Ward (Davey Motorsports Husqvarna) and Dylan Long (CDR Yamaha Monster Energy Team). Sixth came Kiwi Rhys Carter (Complete Parts Kawasaki Racing), edging a fast-starting Callum Norton in his first ride with DPH Husqvarna, while Luke Clout (KTM Motocross Racing Team) was P8 after a mid-moto mishap. Zak Small (Husqvarna) and Joben Baldwin (Yamaha) rounded out the top 10.

1. Dean Ferris
2. Brett Metcalfe
3. Mitch Evans
4. Caleb Ward
5. Dylan Long
6. Rhys Carter
7. Callum Norton
8. Luke Clout
9. Zak Small
10. Joben Baldwin
11. Charlie Creech
12. Lachlan Davis
13. Joel Wightman
14. Beau Dargel
15. Izak Maule
16. Darcy Jones
17. Calib Best
18. Jake Valinoti
19. Nic Frayne
20. Mitchell Dark

Pirelli MX2 moto two:
Red plate-holder Todd rebounded in the second MX2 moto of the round in central Queensland, fending off Wilson for a 1.563s victory in what eventuated as a two-rider race this afternoon. As a result, Wilson’s consistent 3-2 scorecard was enough to hand him an emotion-charged overall for round nine of the year. Behind them in race two, near 30 seconds in arrears, was a resurgent Webster ahead of Tanti, as Harwood bounced back from a minor fall to claim a deserved fifth. Sixth was another credible ride from Evans, as Dyce, Kale Makeham (Penrite Pirelli CRF Honda Racing), Rykers and Roberts were the top 10 finishers. Overall it was Wilson who scored his first round win since the 2015 season, joined on the podium by moto winners Harwood and Todd. It will be Todd that enters Coolum in the box-seat for the championship, which will go down to the wire next Sunday on the Sunshine Coast.

1. Wilson Todd
2. Jay Wilson
3. Kyle Webster
4. Aaron Tanti
5. Hamish Harwood
6. Richie Evans
7. Cody Dyce
8. Kale Makeham
9. Jayden Rykers
10. Jy Roberts
11. Cooper Pozniak
12. Ricky Latimer
13. Kaleb Barham
14. Tomas Ravenhorst
15. Lochie Latimer
16. Joel Evans
17. Daniel Boyce
18. Sam Pelz
19. Dylan Wills
20. Jesse Bishop

Thor MX1 moto two:
It was a dominant performance by newly-crowned triple premier class champion Ferris in MX1 moto two, powering to another hole-shot and accelerating away from the field. Ferris was virtually untouched today for a perfect round with the Super Pole, both race wins and the title, topping moto two by 9.434s ahead of ever-spectacular rookie Evans, with another 450 newcomer in Ward delivering a strong ride for third position. South Australian veteran Metcalfe was a lonely fourth this time around, with Long having a relatively uneventful day for fifth. Positions six through 10 were filled by Clout, Norton, Small, Corey James (KSF Ecstar Suzuki) and Baldwin. Overall for the penultimate round of the championship it was Ferris who won, joined on the overall rostrum by Evans and Metcalfe. Next up, Coolum’s championship finals on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland next weekend between 11-12 August.

1. Dean Ferris
2. Mitch Evans
3. Caleb Ward
4. Brett Metcalfe
5. Dylan Long
6. Luke Clout
7. Callum Norton
8. Zak Small
9. Corey James
10. Joben Baldwin
11. Charlie Creech
12. Joel Wightman
13. Darcy Jones
14. Beau Dargel
15. Lachlan Davis
16. Calib Best
17. Jake Valinoti
18. Mitchell Dark
19. Izak Maule
20. Eddie Brown