News 18 Jul 2018

Lusty Industries appointed distributor of USWE Sports

Lusty Industries press release:

Lusty Industries Distributors are stoked to announce they are the newly appointed distributor of USWE Action Packs.

The innovative action backpack company behind the bounce free NDMTM harness technology, USWE Sports AB, is pleased to announce that Lusty Industries is the new distributor of USWE® products for the Australian bicycle and motorsport market.

As a part of USWE’s drive to expand and strengthen its global distributor network, direct association with Lusty Industries guarantees USWE® products will be available extensively throughout Australia. In doing so it ensures that many more riders and enthusiasts will benefit from USWE’s ever-growing product catalogue.

Johnny Mclean, Managing Director, Lusty Industries: “We’re absolutley stoked to take on another premium brand being USWE Sports. Lusty Industries has an unrivaled track record in successful marketing and brand representation in the Australian Bicycle and Moto market for premium products and I see USWE as an amazing premium partner that aligns perfectly on the same company values.

Moving Foward Lusty Industries will strongly and proudly represent USWE as we do with all of our brands while having fun doing so with our amazing team of staff, athletes and ambassadors.”

Jacob Westerberg, CEO, USWE Sports AB: “We’re very pleased to announce that Lusty Industries is the new USWE® distributor in Australia for our bicycle and motorsport products. This cooperation is effective immediate-ly with the USWE® products available through Lusty Industries dealer stores.

USWE® have strong team of pro ambassadors:

Toby Price, Taylor Robert, Colton Haaker, Billy Bolt, Mario Roman, Alfredo Gomez, Manuel Lettenbichler, Laia Sanz, Jess Gardiner

Steve Peat, Cédric Gracia, Simon Silver, Laura Céldran, Emil Lindgren Together with Lusty Industries we see huge potential to expand our market share in Australia and aim to make USWE® one of the top selling action backpack brands at the Australian bicycle and motorsport market.

A backpack, like a glove, is worn and not carried. It’s not a one size fits all kind of thing. It has to be fitted to your body to give the ultimate performance. That’s why we’re quite critical to the traditional way of designing packs. No, wait a second, let’s not sugarcoat it. We think most old school packs are rubbish! Instead, we set our own standards, based on the input that we get from our awesome real life, real mud crawling research team. The thousands of hours that they spend sweating in the terrain is also research on our behalf. Thanks guys!

NDMTM, No Dancing Monkey is our award winning, patented suspension harness technology that gives you the perfect fit, with zero bouncing on your back. The “edge” is the elastic 4-point straps that allow you to snug the pack really tight, without it affecting your breathing capacity or freedom of movement.

Benefits (and some bragging)
– Award winning design
– Patented technology
– 4-point suspension
– Race form-fit
– Breathing support [stretch]
– Freedom to move
– 100% bounce free

Since the birth of the backpack, people all over the world have experienced the same uncomfortable sensation. Like there’s a wild monkey pogo dancing inside the backpack. A monkey that makes the pack swing from side to side and up and down when you move. For decades, the industry has tried to stop the monkeys but with very limited success. Of course, we’re not talking about real monkeys.

But we can’t think of a better way to explain the difference between USWE packs and traditional backpacks. We love monkeys, but we try to keep them away from your back. Our backpacks hug you like an octopus without cramping your style.

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Enjoy! / Team USWE

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