Products 27 Jun 2018

Product: 2018 Asterisk Junior Cell knee brace

Premium knee protection for youth motocross and off-road riders.

Mcleod Accessories, the Australian distributor of Asterisk, has announced the release of the Junior Cell knee brace that is due to go on sale at dealerships and online retailers in early July this year.

Riding and racing motorcycles is serious business, even for the kids. There’s no doubt their growing knees need and deserve protection, and the Asterisk Junior Cell knee brace is ready to do the job.

Revolutionary design meets simple, stress-free fastening to create a comfortable and user-friendly brace for the pros of tomorrow.

Source: Supplied.

2018 Asterisk Junior Cell knee brace key features:
– Anatomically correct design.
– Glass fill Nylon 6 Injected composite.
– Rigid and lightweight, impact distributing structure.
– Tracks the natural rolling-gliding motion of the knee joint.
– Accurate track hole pattern.
– Adjustable ext. regulators from 10 degrees to 30 degrees.
– Dual Adjustment accommodates leg growth.
– Uniform rigid lateral support.
– Links the brace to the boot, making them as one.
– Transfers forces of a lower leg rotation.
– Adjustable to suit each individual.
– Telescoping three-piece design.
– Full range of motion coverage of the knee cap.
– Thermo-formed EV50 shock absorbent foam padding.
– Neoprene lined frame for greater comfort.
– Comes in two thicknesses to accommodate leg growth.
– Two sizes of joint pads for individual adjustment.
– Conically tapered cut to match the legs’ natural contour.
– Ventilated mesh promotes air flow.
– Flat stitched quad seam for a smooth, durable finish

The Asterisk Junior Cell knee brace available in one-size for youth riders, and is priced RRP $499.95 for a pair. For more information, visit