Products 8 Jun 2018

Product: 2018 Hostile Handwear gloves

Exclusive, Standard and Strapless models from new Australian brand.

New to the market, Australian company Hostile Handwear has released three models of motocross and off-road gloves that are now available to purchase across the country.

The Exclusive and Standard models share the same structural features, however they’re are differentiated by design since the Exclusive line offers exactly that – exclusive designs.

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The strapped glove models include a two finger anti-slip design for enhanced lever grip in all conditions, while a sublimated spandex upper hand offers perfect style, comfort, breathability and elasticity.

The palm is constructed of synthetic leather material for complete feel, wearability and durability, as the pull tab and wrist strap ensure a perfect fit every time.

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The Strapless series benefits from the same minimalist design and structural features as the Exclusive and Standard offerings, such as the sublimated spandex upper hand and synthetic leather palm, although it boasts a strapless design around the wrist to favour an ultimate fit.

The Exclusive glove is priced at RRP $39.99, while the Standard and Strapless models come in at RRP $34.99. For more information on the range, visit the official Hostile Handwear website via