News 16 May 2018

Alleged positive B sample prompts KTM to terminate Tickle contract

Former 250SX champion declares he'll defend the allegations.

Source: Supplied.

Red Bull KTM Factory Racing has terminated its agreement with Broc Tickle after his B sample allegedly returned with a positive result, confirming his initial A sample which the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) conducted at the San Diego’s round of the Monster Energy AMA Supercross Championship in February.

According to the FIM, ‘5-methylhexan-2-amine’ – a specified substance under section six (stimulants) of the 2018 FIM
prohibited list – was found in a urine sample of Tickle.

“We’ve had a good relationship with Broc over the last six months and he was a great guy to work with,” said team manager Roger DeCoster. “However, KTM’s strong company policy gives no room for any other solution but to terminate the contract. We wish Broc the best in the future.”

It’s unclear what step Tickle will take next, however he did release a statement today confirming the positive B sample, maintaining his innocence and declaring that he’ll do anything in his power to defend himself.

“Today, via e-mail, I was notified by the FIM that testing of my Sample B allegedly confirmed the alleged results of my Sample A test,” Tickle commented. “However, as of today, neither the FIM or the laboratory has provided any supporting evidence for the alleged testing results.

“As I stated before, I have never, intentionally or negligently, ingested any prohibited substance, and specifically, the alleged substance I allegedly had in my system on February 10, 2018.

“I have never cheated, doped, or tried to better myself by taking the short way – nor, has anyone around me offered or provided to me any substance that is prohibited by the FIM Anti-Doping Code. I have worked too hard throughout my career to put my career at stake by taking any short cuts.”

The former 250SX champion is currently provisionally suspended and will continue to be barred from racing until a final verdict is handed down.