News 28 Mar 2018

MA welcomes Brett Redman to the board of directors

Motorcycling Australia press release:

After a comprehensive search for an outstanding candidate to help strengthen and add value to motorcycling sport in Australia, Motorcycling Australia (MA) is delighted to welcome qualified applicant Brett Redman to the Board of Directors. Redman brings a wealth of experience and a passion for motorcycling to go with it.

Redman is an owner and Executive Director of Call Design (, or, which is a WorkForce Optimisation company that operates globally, with offices in the USA, Spain, the Philippines, as well as Sydney and Melbourne.

As a long-term motorcyclist, Redman is passionate about the sport and is a member of the Baulkham Hills Junior Motorcycle Training Club. This has led him to become both a scrutineer and clerk for MX and Minikhana.

With his vast experience and dedication, Redman is an excellent candidate to assist in building MA into an organisation that every motorcyclist in Australia wants to be a proud member of.

Redman sharing; “I was asked by MA’s President Peter Goddard if I was interested in joining the MA Board, as he believed I had the skills and capabilities to succeed. I attended several meetings with the board as an observer and decided I would like to join.

“Although my involvement with Call Design may be a very different industry to MA’s, I don’t necessarily believe you have to have a vast background in the sport to make a difference. It allows you to come in with open eyes and have constructive criticism in order to ensure you get the best results. Its all about having an independent view.

“I have a significant passion for the sport, as a long term rider and with my son who competes. I’ve also been involved at the grassroots level as a club member and director.

With that knowledge of a grassroots level, hopefully I can implement that understanding at a higher level. If we don’t have a strong and active Junior development, we’re not going to have a strong sport in the future. This will be a strong focus of mine,” Redman finished.