Products 15 Mar 2018

Review: 2018 Shift MX Whit3 Label helmet tests the new 2018 Shift MX Whit3 Label helmet.

Words: Adam Spence

For 2018 Shift MX continues to expand its range of products with the addition of the all-new Whit3 Label helmet that comes in at a competitive price point for riders sticking to a budget. But as you can always expect with Shift MX, the level of quality hasn’t been left behind even at a lower price point, this is a helmet that features a range of high-end points to compliment its cost.

Shift MX took a refined approach to designing the 2018 Whit3 Label helmet and released a brand new shell construction. This shell construction features an aggressive and unique design which eliminates bulk and maximises function. Shift MX aimed to reduce weight while maintaining durability, safety and remaining true to their unique and innovative styling.

At first glance the 2018 Whit3 Label helmet is definitely different and it’s a totally unique design. We were provided with the matte black colour and that makes the helmet look almost futuristic – it’s definitely something else. The helmet is definitely light when you first pick it up, which is a great feature as we’re always searching for less weight up there on the most important part of our bodies.

Image: Alex Gobert (Foremost Media).

In the comfort department the removable and washable inner cheek backs and crown liner system offer a soft and inviting feel as you throw the injected molded ABS/PC shell constructed helmet on. The stainless steel D-ring chinstrap closure also works a treat and feels exactly the same as any high-end helmet closure from the higher price point section of the market.

Using a dual density EPS internal foam for superior impact absorption, the 2018 Shift MX Whit3 Label helmet aims to provide high quality protection. Although it doesn’t feature all of the safety features of a top level helmet, a number of vital aspects of safety have been covered and the helmet meets ECE and DOT standards.

Ventilation was also a huge focus for Shift MX when designing this helmet and they’ve definitely created something that flows a whole lot of air throughout. I might even go as far as saying that the helmet allows for too much air-flow… Using a total of 15 vents, 10 intake and five exhaust, there’s no way that you’ll be searching for more air-flow in this helmet.

The reason I say it may have too much ventilation is because you can really hear a lot with the helmet on. Maybe it’s something I’m just not used to yet, but you can hear every single noise your bike is making and it was a new feeling for me. I prefer a helmet that knocks the edge off the sounds around me, but maybe you’re a rider who enjoys hearing everything and this could just be perfect for you.

Source: Supplied.

Shift MX also went ahead and removed the centre post on the visor to add more air-flow and avoid the centre section being snapped off in those small falls. This just comes together to add an even more simplified look to the helmet and I’m personally totally fine with that as the visor system worked a treat for me. The design is definitely useful there.

Basically, when you break it all down, this is a very solid helmet overall at such a low price point of $199.95. You’re receiving a range of features, ample ventilation and a very unique looking product for a small amount of money. There’s also multiple colour options available, but we’re quite happy with our matte black option as it can be worn with any gear combination and still look great on track.

Now available nationwide at your local dealer, you can take a look at the 2018 Shift MX Whit3 Label helmet in the flesh today. As mentioned earlier, at a recommended retail price of just $199.95, this helmet just screams value and offers relative safety and comfort at the same time. For more information on Shift MX, head to