News 5 Mar 2018

WP Suspension on the top

KTM Australia press release:

The new year marks a change in the way WP Suspension products are distributed in Australia and New Zealand. The Austrian parent company, WP Performance Sports GmbH has chosen the KTM Group Australia to distribute the latest range of WP Suspension products.

Jeff Leisk the General Manager of the KTM Group Australia will manage the establishment of the network of Authorised Centres to sell and service both WP OEM equipment and Pro Components parts.

WP is at the forefront of suspension technology, delivering race winning performance in a wide range of competitive environments. From Motocross and Supercross to Endure and Rally through to Superbike and every class of MotoGP, racers have scored an impressive array of victories with WP suspension at the heart of these wins.

The expertise garnered in competition have filtered down into state-of-the-art products for the Aftermarket & OEM products.

Discussions regarding the appointment of these new Authorised Centres are at an advanced stage, and WP will announce the full list in due course.

The changes being made are customer driven. The ability to have a geographically spread and factory trained network of Authorised Centres will benefit WP customers who will receive high service levels, technician specialisation, the back-up of the considerable expertise that WP can offer, and a more local service.

Each Authorised Centre will be able to sell, setup and service WP’s range of competition-focused Pro Components, such as the company’s famed Cone Valve forks and Trax rear shock absorber.

Pro Component parts – from triple clamps and steering dampers to t-shirts and stickers – will also be available for those looking to tune their performance to perfection. Each Centre will be able to supply spare parts and servicing items, either direct to the customer or to other outlets, ensuring that customers get back riding without delay.

In terms of Off Road Pro Component products, WP can deliver Spring Cone Valve forks and Trax shocks to an extensive list of Japanese models, as well as to KTM and Husqvarna customers looking to replace their OEM units to get the most performance out of their bike.

Additionally, AER Cone Valve forks, which combines WP’s two greatest technologies, the cone valve damping and the AER Spring System can also be supplied to KTM and Husqvarna machines.

Away from the adult market, KTM and Husqvarna customers are able to buy Pro Component WP suspension on models from 50 to 85cc, with AER Cone Valve forks and the Trax shock available for the KTM 85 SX and Husqvarna TC 85. All these products will now only be available through a WP Authorised Centre.

In addition to the Off Road Pro Component products available from WP there is also a range of On Road Competition Cartridge Kits, Competition Shocks and steering dampers, as well as forks, shocks and steering dampers for Road Racing Bikes. Both Off Road and On Road products will be available from all Authorised Centres.

JEFF LEISK General Manager, WP Suspension “This is an opportunity to realise potential, both for riders and WP. For customers, the fitment of WP Pro Components or honing of their OEM suspension is a chance to enhance their riding and results – regardless of the badge on the tank. The move to establish a network of WP Authorised Centres enables us to concentrate pockets of expertise around the country and for them to develop close relationships with their riders so that they can deliver their services effectively. And for WP it better allows the distribution of knowledge gained in world level racing to reach the customer, either through products or through factory training. WP is a proven performer in the worlds toughest and most competitive racing enviroments, multiple world championship victories are clear evidence that WP suspension technology gives riders the confidence to push harder than the competition and stay in control. We are excitied to bring WP technology to our customers here in Australia and New Zealand so they to can ride with the same confidence as our factory riders“.

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