Products 15 Dec 2017

Review: 2018 Thor MX Verge helmet tests the 2018 Thor MX Verge helmet.

We take a look at Thor MX’s latest helmet available on the market for 2018, the Verge. This is a helmet that Thor MX worked on with their own professional racers to ensure a top-level helmet could be delivered to riders.

Firstly, let’s talk about the first impression as soon as I pulled the helmet out of the box. Provided with the ‘Flo Orange/Gray’ colour-way, this helmet definitely looks the part and will ensure that you stand out on track. The all-gloss finish is super-shiny and there’s definitely a high-end feel to the helmet.

Weighing in at just 1286 grams in our provided Medium sizing, the 2018 Thor MX Verge helmet was also designed to be lightweight in a bid to reduce rider fatigue and rotational weight of your head. A hand-laid composite shell and dual density liner also increases energy absorption for premium coverage.

Image: Alex Gobert (Foremost Media).

Obviously during the test process the crashing side of things isn’t on top of the priority list, so in that aspect I haven’t truly put the shell design to the test, but it’s definitely light and it’s great to know that the shell has been created using high quality materials and with performance in mind.

Placing the 2018 Thor MX Verge helmet on your head, there’s definitely a snug and secure fit to the helmet, which I enjoy. At the same time it’s quite comfortable and the washable Silvercool liner definitely feels high-end matched up with the plush interior liner that wicks away sweat and helps keep you cool.

Having an antibacterial liner that can remove moisture, help keep you cool and be washed easily is definitely a big plus when it comes to helmets. Not only do we see a great advantage in the performance side of things, but there’s nothing better than a fresh helmet that doesn’t stink when you turn up to the track.

With 11 strategically-placed vents, the Verge helmet also rewards you for going fast and circulating fresh air into the helmet, while simultaneously pushing the hot air out. The ventilation system on this helmet is great and at no point in time did I feel that my head was searching for a breather.

With front and side intake vents and rear exhaust vents, it’s also important to note that it’s not too noisy inside the helmet. I personally prefer a quiet riding experience and even with ample ventilation, the 2018 Thor MX Verge helmet continues to keep the decibel levels down and I’m a big fan of that.

Source: Supplied.

As I mentioned, the helmet looks the part and the shell design is quite visually pleasing, but there’s more to it than just the look. The Thor MX designers created the shell shape to aid in goggle strap placement and that’s a great addition in my book. Having your goggles in the correct position plays a part in the way they seal.

The eye port is also quite large on the 2018 Verge helmet and it should accomodate most of the latest goggle options on the market quite well. It’s good to see helmets now being created to suit the latest trends in eye protection, that’s definitely something I struggled with earlier on and it’s great to see that this is becoming a standard.

Both DOT and ECE 22.05 approved and with a range of impressive features, the 2018 Thor MX Verge helmet is clearly a quality product and we’re quite happy with it overall. It’s very comfortable, it performs well on-track and you will look the goods at the same time, although keep in mind it doesn’t have some of the very latest rotational technology that’s becoming really common now.

Coming in at a recommended retail price of $439.95 the 2018 Thor MX Verge helmet is now available nationwide at your local Thor MX dealer. Head in to check one out today or check out for more information on both the Verge helmet.