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Review: 2018 Fox V3 helmet tests the 2018 Fox V3 helmet.

When word started getting out that Fox would be releasing its 2018 V3 helmet with the all-new Magnetic Visor Release System (MVRS) this obviously caught our eye and had us very interested from the get go. Luckily enough, we were supplied with our very own 2018 Fox V3 helmet recently, so let’s take a closer look at it.

Firstly, let’s talk about the aesthetics of the helmet. Provided with the 2018 Fox V3 helmet in the Kustm Grey colour option, we were pretty impressed when we pulled this thing out of the box and its high-quality helmet bag that comes along with it.

The design of this helmet is definitely rad, it features a monotone design and at the rear reveals a look inside to that awesome multiple-composite technology construction. The overall look of this helmet is a big winner in our book and this colour option will suit a huge range of gear, which is always handy.

Next up, we definitely need to talk about the all-new MVRS system as it’s certainly the biggest talking point of the latest V3. This pro-level patent pending feature removes the traditional three visor screw system completely and replaces them with innovative magnets.

The MVRS system has been designed to allow the visor to release from the helmet in the event of a crash, while also remaining secure and in place when needed to protect you from roost. At first it’s definitely an odd feeling seeing no screws on the visor, but the overall system actually works very well.

Image: Alex Gobert (Foremost Media).

There’s multiple positive aspects to look at when it comes to the MVRS system too and clearly the safety side of things is the most important. The idea is to allow the visor to come off in a crash and reduce the chances of added rotational forces being applied to the head and neck due to the visor acting like a lever when it digs into the ground.

Luckily I haven’t been able to test the 2018 V3 and its MVRS system in the event of a crash to date and I really don’t plan on being that dedicated to my testing, but we’ve already seen this system work countless times, the standout example being Ken Roczen’s huge supercross crash earlier this season. Not only will the visor remove from the helmet when you crash, but you no longer have to worry about ruining the unit as it tears off your helmet like a traditional system would.

It’s really so simple to remove and fit the MVRS system, it just pops out of place and pops right back in to the three magnets on the helmet shell. In terms of cleaning, no longer do you have to mess around with screws and go through that whole painful process. Just pop the visor off, give the helmet a wipe down, then pop it right back on – it’s so simple.

Adding to the safety aspect of the 2018 Fox V3 helmet, we’re also seeing the return of the Multi-Directional Impact Protection System (MIPS). Mimicking the cerebrospinal fluid, MIPS adds a low-friction layer between the helmet and the head. This technology reduces the rotational violence otherwise transmitted to the brain.

With reductions in rotational force being a huge focus for most helmet manufacturers now, this system is definitely a huge plus when it comes to safety. At the top-end of the market, we definitely expect to see some sort of system that helps reduce these forces, so it’s great to see the MIPS system remain a staple feature for 2018.

We also see the introduction of a size Medium specific shell size for 2018, which means that the 2018 V3 helmet now features four shells and four EPS dimensions. This large range of helmet sizes provides the most accurate fitting helmet Fox has ever created and it’s great to see them take that step forward. It’s super-comfortable and you feel right at home wearing it straight away.

Source: Supplied.

Featuring a DriLex comfort liner and cheek pads, it’s a truly welcoming feeling when you slip the 2018 Fox V3 helmet onto your head – it has to be one of the most inviting helmets I’ve ever worn. At the same time the V3 fits snug and feels very secure on your head, which is a hard combination to nail.

Designed to rapidly wick sweat from your head and face, the DriLex liner, paired with the 14 intake and four exhaust ports that channel fresh air through the helmet, takes control of the sweat situation and we had no issues with that. Being a test rider, you stop and wait a whole lot for the next shot, so we’re always pushing the limits of the sweat absorption capabilities that’s for sure.

Exceeding ECE22.05 and DOT certifications, the 2018 Fox V3 helmet also drops weight for 2018 making it the lightest V3 ever. As an overall package we’re seeing a huge amount of boxes being ticked, even things such as the eye port are perfectly sized to suit even the largest-framed goggles on the market.

Overall the 2018 Fox V3 helmet with the all-new MVRS system is a big winner for us here at If you’re in the market for a new helmet, go take a look at the latest from Fox and always remember to spend the most you can on your helmet purchase. Forego those new graphics or those anodised engine covers and spend your money on a great helmet such as the 2018 Fox V3, because maximum protection is always essential.

Now available nationwide at your local Fox dealer, the 2018 Fox V3 helmet with MVRS comes in at a recommended retail price of $649.95. For more information on the 2018 Fox V3 helmet and the entire Fox range, visit or