Products 24 Nov 2017

Review: 2017 Ogio Erzberg hydration pack

Compact new one-litre pack suitable for all types of riding and training.

Words: Guy Streeter

You are most likely familiar with Ogio and their countless variations of baggage, from gear bags all the way through to back-packs, computer bags and even golf bags. The brand has had a few variations of hydration packs over the years and in 2017 we now see a completely redesigned range with some new technologies and thoughtful upgrades to keep you hydrated, while enabling you to carry your stuff while you ride.

A one-litre capacity offering, the latest Ogio Erzberg hydration pack is the smallest of the Ogio hydration range and is designed for your shorter rides or for enduro racing environments where you don’t need a heap of water/tools and equipment on your back. It’s designed for when you only need a few crutial bits and pieces – exactly like racing conditions at the Iron Giant at Erzberg, Austria.

The Erzberg hydration pack is not exactly the traditional pack with the shoulder straps joined around the chest by an additional strap and clip, nor is it the first to use the shoulder straps that meet in the middle of the chest using a clip to join the two straps to ensure the pack stays put.

Source: Supplied.

The first time I used this set-up I was not 100 percent convinced that it would be comfortable or work the way it was intended, but with the multi-adjust harness system it only took a few minutes to set and I never noticed it again. Comfortable and well-adjusted in the matter of a few seconds, besides the fact that it is only carrying one litre of fluid, phone, keys and a few snacks, the pack actually stays in place on your back much better than previous version of the Erzberg and is more comfortable.

One of the features that will come into play in the Australian summer is the insulated cooler fabric, which lines the entire anti-slosh bladder compartment of the Erzberg hydration pack. This liner keeps everything cooler for 30 percent longer and the bladder itself is BPA free and can be cleaned easily. The breathable secondary compartment is also there to keep your essentials in place. It’s slightly bigger than needed, but you can fit a large smart phone, a few small tools and some snacks in there no problem at all.

An important part to any hydration pack is the ability to allow your back to breathe a little and not just be a place for you to sweat and essentially give you a wet back from about 15 minutes into your ride. Air-flow is essential to avoid this and the back panel is made from quick-cooling air-mesh to help get some air-flow back there and wick moisture from the area.

We have had the Ogio Erzberg one-litre hydration pack for a few months now and have had some great use out of it, not only at Erzberg for the launch of the KTM EXC TPI models, but also out hiking and on the mountain-bike trails, so we have had some time to get familiar with it and it is honestly one of the best packs we have used.

Source: Supplied.

It’s a perfect size for a quick 1-2 hour ride, where you aren’t taking in a lot of fluid and you aren’t travelling too far from your start location, so you don’t need too much in the way of tools out on the trails or track. As I mentioned earlier, you have enough room for a phone, snack and a multi-tool or mountain-bike tube.

The fit of the pack is super-comfortable and easy to adjust, but the other thing that was very noticeable was that the pack didn’t really jump around too much on your back. I felt that this was due to the size and where it sits on your body, which is a little higher than most hydration packs and you don’t really realise that it is there once going through the motions on the bike.

The 2017 Ogio Erzberg hydration pack is now available throughout Australia at a recommended retail price of $104.95. For more information on the Erzberg offering and the entire Ogio range, head to today.