News 20 Nov 2017

Richardson rakes in SX2 Championship for Serco Yamaha

Yamaha Motor Australia press release:

Serco Yamaha’s Jackson Richardson has made it back to back Australian Supercross Championship victories after claiming the 2017 SX2 championship at the sixth and final round at a rain soaked Jimboomba- X Stadium on Saturday Night.

In near unrideable conditions following a day of consistent rain, Richardson took the championship win after guiding his YZ250F to a safe fourth place at the final round on a track that was wet, slippery and difficult to just circulate.

Richardson entered the final round with a five point lead in the championship over rival Wilson Todd but the wet conditions threw the status quo way off axis and it was literally a roll of the dice to determine a winner.

Todd had shown more speed the Richardson throughout qualifying and the heats, but Richardson is an experienced campaigner who knows how to put a championship together and when the gate dropped in the winner take all final, it was Richardson’s experience that would see him through.

The opening laps of the final were a mad scramble for track position and more importantly, vision. Richardson didn’t get a great start but stayed calmed as he worked his way forward in the early stages.

Meanwhile, Todd was near the front but banging bars with those around him and before two laps were complete, Todd fell in the sloppy conditions and struggled to get back on the bike and going again.

This allowed Richardson plenty of breathing room as far as the championship points were concerned but he still had to circulate at a good speed for the next eight laps and keep his machine out of the mud and standing water that was waiting at every turn.

Knowing that he didn’t need to improve his result to secure the championship, Richardson steered well clear of any trouble and rode his way to a well-constructed fourth place finish and with it, clinched the 2017 Australian SX2 (250cc) championship, making it back to back championships for both Richardson and his Serco Yamaha team.

“It has just been a crazy day,” Richardson beams moments after the race. “The conditions of the track are probably as bad and as tough as I have ever raced and to have an Australian championship on the line on a day like today just made it hard on the bike, the team and any rider who started the race. It wasn’t easy out there!

“I saw a pit board that said Wilson was down but you can’t relax on a track like this and I tried to put that out of my mind, stay focused in the moment and keep it on two wheels. The longer the race went on, the worse the track got but thankfully we were able to get it done and that’s all that matters in the end.

“Thank you to everyone at Serco Yamaha for their support. We started the supercross season a bit behind the eight ball as I had just come off injury but we all kept working at it and we wound up with another championship tonight.

“Its an awesome feeling and there are so many people that play a part in it. Thanks to everyone and I look forward to celebrating the win with them tonight,” Richardson says triumphantly.

Team Manager, Gavin Eales was equally elated with the win and proud of his teams’ effort in the appalling conditions competitors faced on Saturday Night.

“Although that wasn’t a close race as far as the points go with Wilson going down, it was one of the most nerve racking races I can recall,” described Eales. “Riders and teams don’t really practice in conditions like we faced tonight and it was just a matter of dealing with it and the boys did a great job.

“The team off the track kept the bike running and in great shape, while Jackson was very smart on the track by keeping out of trouble and aware of what mud and water could do to the bike. I couldn’t relax until after he crossed the finish line as if anything happened, there was no way we could do anything about it but thankfully Jackson pulled it off and I’m so happy for our team and the sponsors who support us,” Eales ended.

Team mate, Mitch Evans was also there to support Richardson and amazingly on his feet and moving around after his huge crash just one week prior at the Aus- X Open. Evans will be sidelined for two months while he recovers but will make a full recovery.

That concluded the 2017 racing season and the Serco Yamaha team can take a well-earned break as they set their sights on the 2018 season.

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