Products 6 Nov 2017

Review: 2018 Shift MX Whit3 Label boot tests the 2018 Shift MX Whit3 Label boot.

When it comes to motocross boots, there’s a whole lot of options on the market today with varying features and ranging in price. For 2018 Shift MX has come to the table with an all-new ‘Whit3’ Label boot, that hits the mid-range price area and packs a selection of quality features throughout. Let’s go ahead and take a closer look at the boot and talk about how it performed on-track.

Designed and engineered from the ground up to offer exceptional fit, form and function, the new 2018 Shift MX Whit3 Label boot features a high-abrasion synthetic leather main body for the perfect balance of durability and stretch. The boot was designed to be a minimalistic product that strips away the things you don’t need and the overall design of the boot is quite unique.

With our pair of Whit3 Label boots being delivered in the black colour option, these boots are clean, simple and will pair up with practically any set of gear in the 2018 Shift MX range. The Whit3 Label boot almost looks futuristic with its hard edges and simple design approach, overall when paired up with our 2018 Shift MX gear, the look on-track is definitely visually pleasing.

Image: Alex Gobert (Foremost Media).

In the comfort department the 2018 Shift MX Whit3 Label boot is definitely impressive for the price you’re paying. Using a polypropylene insole board with a steel shank for maximum footbed support, the boot is both comfortable and offers solid support at the same time. You’re strapped into the boot using two buckle closures in the lower section and these are both high-end buckles, they definitely surprised me when throwing these boots on and off.

Paired up with these high-quality and easy to use buckles is one of the more unique features of the entire boot, the innovative silicone strap. This strap located on the upper shin region of the boot is used to secure the upper section of the boot whilst providing fluid mobility while riding. Being a new design, it took a few minutes to adjust the strap to suit, but once I had that set to my preferred tension it was a simple process and the silicone strap worked very well.

There’s four sizes available to customise the fit of the boot using the silicone strap and you will be able to find your desired fit within those sizes. I went with the smallest setting available on the boot, but I have skinny legs and I’m sure nobody else will be searching for any more adjustability in that direction. Shift MX clearly did some thinking when they designed this section of the boot and you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how simple it is.

Once you’re out on the track, the 2018 Whit3 Label boot performs well and the ankle and heel TPU provides ample support as the integrated rubber burn guards provide added grip while maintaining heat resistance. The boot has been designed for all day comfort, which means they have a bit more give in them and you could probably spend a day on the track and in the pits without even noticing you’re in boots the whole time.

Source: Supplied.

The slim and simple design of the boot also ensures that you feel solid contact with the chassis of the bike and you won’t get your boots caught up on anything. This can be a huge issue with certain boot designs, but at no point in time did I feel the boots catching on anything and contact with the foot controls of the motorcycle felt as it should.

Overall the 2018 Shift MX Whit3 Label boot performed very well and a range of boxes have definitely been ticked with this product. There’s a lot of positive things to say about this product such as the price point, the innovative design, multiple colour options and solid on-track performance. It’s great to see another affordable boot hit the market that will cater to a range of riders and ensure that you look the part at the same time in your selected gear set.

If you’re searching for a fresh set of footwear for the 2018 season, the all-new Shift MX Whit3 Label boots are definitely an option that you should be taking a look at. Available now nationwide in four different colour options, the 2018 Shift MX Whit3 Label boot comes in at a recommended retail price of $299.95. For more information on the Whit3 Label boot and the entire 2018 Shift MX range, head to