News 3 Nov 2017

Faith out as Honda search for replacement

Penrite Honda Racing press release:

The 2017 Australian Supercross season started well for Faith with a second and a win in rounds 1 and 2 respectively. Unfortunately, Faith crashed in round 2 which resulted in a fractured wrist. Faith still competed in round 3 and was able to come out with a fifth place finish, however his wrist injury has not improved and worsened considerably after round 3 wrapped up.

In seven years of competition in Australia, Faith has won two Australian Supercross championships and finished runner up three times.

In the wake of this injury, Faith and the Penrite Honda team have come to the difficult decision of finishing his championship run for 2017.

“It’s disappointing and it was a hard decision, I have the points lead and I wanted to try and continue but the pain is unbearable and I personally don’t believe I could race with the pain across two nights in Sydney. I feel the best decision for me is go home and have surgery on it.” Faith said.

“It’s really tough as mistakes have halted my chance of a championship two years in a row. I want to thank everyone for their support and Honda for the continued opportunities.” Faith added.

Team Principal Yarrive Konsky is equally disappointed but accepts that Faith knows his body better than anyone.

“We have put a lot into our 250 program and treat the class with the same respect as we do the 450 class. To lose it two years in a row makes its hard. Our sport has inherent risks and it’s inevitable that riders can get hurt.” Said Konsky.

“Gavin tried to race round 3 and we felt he did a good job in maintaining the championship lead; however he feels he can’t race back to back nights in Sydney and has decided it is better for him to go home and fix it and we need to respect that.” Konsky added.

The team acknowledges Faith’s efforts in proving their 250 program has the capabilities of winning championships. Faith feels like Australia is his second home and appreciates everyone’s support.

Faith is excited by the new 250 due for release in Australia in December and wishes the team and their sponsors all the best for the remainder of the Supercross season.

“I’ve been coming to Australia for as long as I have been a professional racer. It is hard to walk away from a championship lead. Honda have a solid 250 program and their new bike looks amazing, I would have liked to have given them another championship on their current bike but I just need to do what’s right for my future in the sport.” Finished Faith.

The team will replace Gavin Faith for the final three rounds of the Australian Supercross season; news to be released on this shortly.

Penrite Honda wishes Gavin Faith a speedy recovery.