News 2 Nov 2017

Kuberg electric motorcycles to enter Australian market

Steve Cramer Products to distribute variety of electric-powered models.

Source: Supplied.

Steve Cramer Products has announced it will now be distributing Kuberg electric motorcycles throughout Australia, a cutting-edge dirt bike manufacturer from the Czech Republic now available across the country.

There’s an extensive range that caters for differing ages, from young beginners (Start) to teenagers (Pro 50) and even an adult offering (Freerider).

The Kuberg range is the perfect stepping stone for any family to get into motorcycle riding. Space to ride a Kuberg doesn’t have to be a restriction, the electric motors are incredibly quiet and there’s excellent safety features. Kuberg’s quality technology can be experienced throughout the entire range.

Some key features include the ability to adjust speed and acceleration, plus alternate range of power. Coming soon will be a downloadable app to personalise your own motorcycle’s capabilities.

The Kuberg range will be available to viewe at the Sydney Motorcycle Show on 24-26 November at the International Convention Centre on Sydney’s Darling Harbour. This is a great opportunity to experience the models and take advantage of the Kuberg ambassadors, who will be attending to answer any questions.

Pricing for individual models starts from: Start ($1650), Trial Hero ($2450), Cross Here ($2650), Cross Pro 50 ($6795), Freerider 8KW ($6995) and Freerider 12KW ($7995). For more information, visit