Features 28 Oct 2017

Racefeed: 2017 AUS Supercross Rd3 Virginia

SX1 and SX2 class updates direct from round three in South Australia.

Post-race updates from the SX1 and SX2 classes at round three of the 2017 Australian Supercross Championship, direct from Virginia in South Australia.

Image: Jeremy Hammer (Foremost Media).

SX2 practice (results only):
1. Jackson RICHARDSON 42.552s
2. Wilson TODD 42.686s
3. Dylan WILLS 43.012s
4. Jay WILSON 43.246s
5. Gavin FAITH 43.522s
6. Nick SUTHERLAND 43.679s
7. Mitchell EVANS 43.735s
8. Aaron TANTI 43.916s
9. Connor TIERNEY 44.128s
10. Jesse MADDEN 44.552s
11. Taylor POTTER 44.653s
12. John PRUTTI 44.699s
13. Geran STAPLETON 44.717s
14. Bailey MALKIEWICZ 44.797s
15. Callum NORTON 45.120s
16. Cooper POZNIAK 45.351s
17. Egan MASTIN 45.548s
18. Ricky LATIMER 45.847s
19. Morgan FOGARTY 46.429s
20. Joshua BREWSTER 47.060s

SX1 practice (results only):
1. Nick SCHMIDT 41.717s
2. Justin BRAYTON 42.055s
3. Daniel REARDON 42.354s
4. Dylan LONG 42.689s
5. Todd WATERS 42.767s
6. Dean FERRIS 42.852s
7. Jesse DOBSON 43.277s
8. Daniel HERRLEIN 43.519s
9. Kade MOSIG 43.654s
10. Nathan CRAWFORD 43.736s
11. Luke CLOUT 43.863s
12. Joel WIGHTMAN 44.280s
13. Robbie MARSHALL 44.755s
14. Luke WILSON 45.150s
15. Warren CARROLL 51.098s

SX2 qualifying (results only):
1. Wilson TODD 42.166s
2. Dylan WILLS 42.336s
3. Mitchell EVANS 42.481s
4. Gavin FAITH 42.687s
5. Jackson RICHARDSON 42.730s
6. Jay WILSON 42.922s
7. Aaron TANTI 42.934s
8. Egan MASTIN 43.555s
9. Connor TIERNEY 43.925s
10. Jesse MADDEN 43.943s
11. Taylor POTTER 43.982s
12. Nick SUTHERLAND 44.263s
13. Geran STAPLETON 44.444s
14. John PRUTTI 44.958s
15. Bailey MALKIEWICZ 45.160s
16. James BROWN 45.338s
17. Callum NORTON 45.409s
18. Cooper POZNIAK 46.457s
19. Ricky LATIMER 45.621s
20. Jye DICKSON 46.411s

SX1 qualifying (results only):
1. Justin BRAYTON 41.614s
2. Dean FERRIS 41.885s
3. Dylan LONG 42.0972
4. Nick SCHMIDT 42.745s
5. Luke CLOUT 42.923s
6. Todd WATERS 42.949s
7. Kade MOSIG 42.951s
8. Jesse DOBSON 42.955s
9. Daniel REARDON 42.971s
10. Nathan CRAWFORD 43.315s
11. Daniel HERRLEIN 43.734s
12. Robbie MARSHALL 43.931s
13. Joel WIGHTMAN 44.297s
14. Luke WILSON 44.824s
15. Warren CARROLL 50.613s

SX2 heat one:
It was a start to finish victory for Dylan Wills (Dyson Motorsport Husqvarna) in the opening heat race of the night show, edging to the front on lap one and then maintaining the lead from there. At the end of seven laps he crossed the line 0.817s ahead of Jay Wilson (Raceline Pirelli KTM), as new red plate-holder Gavin Faith (Penrite Honda Racing) completed the top three. From there it was relatively spread out for position across the line, as rookie Egan Mastin (KTM Motocross Racing Team) and Jesse Madden (KSF Racing Husqvarna) filled the top five.

1. Dylan WILLS
3. Gavin FAITH
4. Egan MASTIN
5. Jesse MADDEN
7. Morgan FOGARTY
8. James BROWN
9. Ricky LATIMER
10. Lochie LATIMER
11. Jordan WATERS
12. John PRUTTI
13. Caleb GOULLET

SX2 heat two:
Winning the second SX2 heat of the round was Wilson Todd, the DPH Motorsport Yamaha rider leading by 1.531s across the line from Serco Yamaha teammates Jackson Richardson and Mitch Evans. The battle for fourth was a tighter one, as Connor Tierney (Team WBR Bulk Nutrients Yamaha) beat his teammate Aaron Tanti for that place and making it five YZ250Fs inside the top five.

1. Wilson TODD
3. Mitchell EVANS
4. Connor TIERNEY
5. Aaron TANTI
6. Taylor POTTER
10. Callum NORTON
11. Jake CAHIR
12. Chandler BURNS
13. Cooper POZNIAK
14. Joshua BREWSTER

SX1 heat one:
The first of the SX1 heat races was won by MX Nationals champion Dean Ferris (CDR Yamaha), who overcame the challenge of Todd Waters (Crankt Protein Honda Racing), as Nathan Crawford (Mega Fuels Monster Energy Kawasaki) was third. The top five was rounded out by Jesse Dobson (Penrite Honda Racing) and FMX regular Robbie Marshall (Honda) – just seven riders making up the field in this one.

1. Dean FERRIS
2. Todd WATERS
3. Nathan CRAWFORD
4. Jesse DOBSON
5. Robbie MARSHALL
7. Luke WILSON

SX1 heat two:
While defending champion and pole-setter Justin Brayton (Penrite Honda Racing) sprinted away to an 8.617s victory at the front from Luke Clout (Crankt Protein Honda Racing) and an impressively-quick Dylan Long (CDR Yamaha), the big news in SX1 heat two was Dan Reardon (Mega Fuels Monster Energy Kawasaki) going down in the same place as qualifying, while Kade Mosig (DPH Motorsport Yamaha) went down in the sand section. Aside from that, Joel Wightman (Penrite CRF Honda Racing) and Daniel Herrlein (KSF Racing Suzuki) completed the top five.

1. Justin BRAYTON
2. Luke CLOUT
3. Dylan LONG
5. Daniel HERRLEIN
6. Kade MOSIG
7. Daniel REARDON
8. Warren CARROLL

SX2 LCQ (results only):
2. Callum NORTON
3. Ricky LATIMER
4. Lochie LATIMER
5. John PRUTTI
6. Jordan WATERS
7. Jake CAHIR
8. Caleb GOULLET
9. Chandler BURNS
10. Cooper POZNIAK

SX2 final:
A strong ride in the SX2 final saw Todd convert his heat win to the main event in South Australia, controlling the race from the front and racing to his first-ever supercross victory. Todd topped defending champion Richardson by 6.773s, while Wills delivery the all-new Dyson team its maiden podium in third. Fourth was a strong way to rebound for Evans after a disastrous second round, as American import Faith had to settle for fifth when he recovered from a lowly start. Sixth was the best we’ve seen this season from Geran Stapleton (Honda), while Tierney, Wilson, Tanti and Taylor Potter (Honda) were the top 10 finishers for tonight.

1. Wilson TODD
3. Dylan WILLS
4. Mitchell EVANS
5. Gavin FAITH
7. Connor TIERNEY
9. Aaron TANTI
10. Taylor POTTER
12. Egan MASTIN
15. Morgan FOGARTY
16. Ricky LATIMER
17. Jesse MADDEN
18. Lochie LATIMER
19. James BROWN

SX1 final:
Reigning SX1 champion Brayton got out front early in the 20-lap main event tonight and was never headed, putting near five seconds between he and Long before ultimately taking the chequered flag with a 4.552s advantage. It was another commanding performance from the American, making it three from three for the 2017 season and taking one step closer toward a second-consecutive crown as the series reaches its halfway point. Behind him, Long was exceptional for the runner-up, effectively riding in the wheel tracks of Brayton and almost a full 10 seconds ahead of Mosig, who took a well-deserved podium in third. Fourth was a remarkable effort from Ferris after he was involved in an early multi-rider incident, with former champion Reardon able to salvage fifth following one of his more difficult days at the office. He was directly ahead of teammate and 450 newcomer Crawford, while Waters, Dobson, leading Suzuki Herrlein and Schmidt were the top 10 at race’s end. All the way down in 13th was Clout, who’s race was ruined by the opening lap pile-up that caught up a number of riders when he went down at the head of the pack.

1. Justin BRAYTON
2. Dylan LONG
3. Kade MOSIG
4. Dean FERRIS
5. Daniel REARDON
6. Nathan CRAWFORD
7. Todd WATERS
8. Jesse DOBSON
9. Daniel HERRLEIN
10. Nick SCHMIDT
11. Robbie MARSHALL
13. Luke CLOUT
14. Warren CARROLL