Interviews 26 Oct 2017

Five Questions Why: Jackson Richardson

Defending SX2 champion on a variety of topics.

In this latest edition of Five Questions Why, asks Serco Yamaha’s Jackson Richardson questions on a variety of on and off-track topics for a unique insight on the defending Australian SX2 champion.

Image: Jeremy Hammer (Foremost Media).

Why do you create so many video compilations on Instagram?
It’s just something for me to do in my downtime, honestly. I just like making them, it keeps me entertained because I’m on my phone flat out. It’s just something I love doing and I get a kick out of it, it seems like a lot of other people love it as well – I get some good feedback. Man, I watch plenty of videos and follow Buttery Films and Twitch – Twitch makes a lot of them. I’m always on the ground laughing after every single one of them, so I’m like I’ve got to try make something like that and see if it will be any good. A few people have said they get a kick out of it, so it’s all I can ask for really.

Why do you consider yourself as a coffee enthusiast?
Man, I just love it hey – I love enjoying a coffee. It’s what starts my day and keeps me going through it. I guess, I’m not exactly the biggest coffee enthusiast, but I’d say I’m up there. You know, the classic – a standard cappuccino, a double-shot of course – none of this single shot stuff. I tell you what, if it’s a big day I’ll get like four or five in easily, but at the moment I’ve started to tone it down a little bit to two or three a day.

Image: Jeremy Hammer (Foremost Media).

Why does your on-track setup always look the goods?
I just have some really cool sponsors like Answer and 6D Helmets, they have the best looking gear and helmets. So with companies like that behind you, you’re always going to have the fire kit going for the weekend.

Why will you defend you SX2 title this year?
I’ve been putting in the work and grinding it out, I’m a little bit behind right now, but I’ve been putting in the work. You never know what could happen, this season has been so unpredictable up to this point – a lot of stuff has happened. We have four races left and anything can happen in those races for sure.

Why is Serco Yamaha one of the best teams in the pits?
They have a really solid crew behind them, you can see over the years they’ve gotten a fair few championships. They always seem to have a really good vibe about them, so yeah, the vibe of the team and the people behind the scenes making it all happen.