News 17 Oct 2017

Tough weekend for DPH Motorsport

DPH Motorsport press release:

With all signs pointing to a successful night of racing for the 3 DPH racers, the team came away from the event with a single podium position for SX2 race Wilson Todd and some sore bodies for both Kade Mosig and Hayden Mellross after both riders crashed in their respective races.

Hayden Mellross: “I’m disappointed to come away from the track with a DNF” said Mellross. “I was comfortable, controlling the pace and the gap back to Gavin (Faith), but a hay bale had come loose on the track as I rounded the corner and I couldn’t avoid it, landing heavily. I’m pretty sore right now, but I’ve got 2 weeks to heal up and concentrate on winning some races”.

Wilson Todd: “I’m really happy to come away with a podium. I was one of the last gate picks since I had to go via the LCQ, and it put me a little further back in the pack, but I just concentrated on my own race, working my way past people. I feel like I deserve to be up here, so hopefully I can get a good start next round and move futher up the podium” said Wilson after the race.

Kade Mosig: “Feeling good after the heat race. I had an ok start and began working my way forward and by mid race I’d gotten past Reardon and into a podium position, but a mistake in the whoops put me off the track and on the ground. Once I got going again, it was tough to find my rhythm again and battled my way back to 9th. It’s not the night I had planned, but my speed was there, I just need to nail my starts and stay consistent, and I can achieve my goal” said Mosig.

Team Owner, Dale Hocking: “That was a tough night for us. I’m so happy to see Wilson get some reward for the effort he’s been putting in. If he gets a good start, he’s going to be challenging for the win! All of our guys are riding incredibly well, and it’s a credit to the whole team that our bikes are up there challenging for the win.

2 unfortunate crashes tonight is a tough one for us to accept, especially given the circumstances, but there’s still a way to go in this championship, and I know we’ll bounce back strong in Adelaide” said Hocking.

DPH Motorsport once again changes gears with Supersport 300 racer Boyd Hocking racing in the support categories of MotoGP next weekend, while the rest of the team look ahead to Round 3 of the Supercross in Adelaide.

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