News 16 Oct 2017

Mellross to undergo further medical evaluation after round two crash

New South Welshman optimistic despite championship blow.

Image: Jeremy hammer (Foremost Media).

DPH Motorsport Yamaha’s Hayden Mellross will undergo further medical evaluation this week following a costly crash at Bacchus Marsh’s second round of the Australian Supercross Championship.

It’s believed a hay bale from another section of the circuit was knocked into the race line, which wasn’t removed prior to Mellross hitting the section and ultimately saw him clip the bale and suffer a heavy landing.

It’s a bitter blow for the New South Welshman, who’s title chances have decreased significantly after recording a non-finish in the short six-round series, however he’s remaining optimistic as he endeavours to recover from a torn muscle and hematoma.

“I have to get more scans done,” Mellross told “We’ll just keep going day by day at the moment, the diagnosis currently is a torn muscle in my bum and a huge hematoma that’s about five centimetres deep – it’s extremely big.

“Unfortunately, that’s kind of where we’re at. I’m looking forward to Adelaide, I let the championship slip away last year and I didn’t do anything wrong, and it’s the same situation I’m in now – I didn’t do anything wrong. I’ll just focus on what I need to do, I have a great group of specialists and we’ll get going, so I’ll just place come out win every round from her on-wards.”

In 2016, Mellross led the championship through to the season finale in Sydney, where his motorcycle experienced an unexpected mechanical in the dying stages of main, forcing him to retire and accept an agonising defeat.

The next round of the Australian Supercross Championship is scheduled for 28 October, at Virginia in South Australia.