Features 14 Oct 2017

Racefeed: 2017 AUS Supercross Rd2 Bacchus Marsh

SX1 and SX2 class updates direct from round two in Victoria.

Post-race updates from the SX1 and SX2 classes at round two of the 2017 Australian Supercross Championship, direct from Bacchus Marsh in Victoria.

Image: Jeremy Hammer (Foremost Media).

SX2 practice (results only):
1. Hayden MELLROSS 1m04.565s
2. Gavin FAITH 1m05.733s
3. Jackson RICHARDSON 1m06.570s
4. Aaron TANTI 1m06.894s
5. Dylan WILLS 1m07.817s
6. Jay WILSON 1m07.919s
7. Wilson TODD 1m08.144s
8. Kyle WEBSTER 1m08.200s
9. Jesse MADDEN 1m08.548s
10. Connor TIERNEY 1m08.969s
11. Nick SUTHERLAND 1m09.420s
12. Egan MASTIN 1m10.466s
13. Morgan FOGARTY 1m11.320s
14. Cooper POZNIAK 1m11.715s
15. Geran STAPLETON 1m11.765s
16. Maximus PURVIS 1m11.864s
17. Taylor POTTER 1m11.971s
18. Ricky LATIMER 1m12.594s
19. Callum NORTON 1m12.669s
20. Lochie LATIMER 1m12.848s

SX1 practice (results only):
1. Justin BRAYTON 1m03.617s
2. Luke CLOUT 1m04.359s
3. Dylan LONG 1m05.213s
4. Daniel REARDON 1m05.631s
5. Nick SCHMIDT 1m06.224s
6. Dean FERRIS 1m06.440s
7. Daniel HERRLEIN 1m07.029s
8. Kade MOSIG 1m07.280s
9. Cheyne BOYD 1m07.561s
10. Lewis WOODS 1m07.646s
11. Todd WATERS 1m08.124s
12. Nathan CRAWFORD 1m08.339s
13. Joel WIGHTMAN 1m09.047s
14. Geran STAPLETON 1m09.176s
15. Robbie MARSHALL 1m10.167s
16. Luke WILSON 1m11.060s
17. Jamie HARVEY 1m14.730s
18. Jesse DOBSON 1m15.594s
19. Drew CIGLIANO 1m27.826s

SX2 qualifying (results only):
1. Hayden MELLROSS 1m04.529s
2. Gavin FAITH 1m05.154s
3. Wilson TODD 1m05.185s
4. Jackson RICHARDSON 1m05.959s
5. Kyle WEBSTER 1m06.073s
6. Aaron TANTI 1m06.201s
7. Dylan WILLS 1m06.900s
8. Connor TIERNEY 1m07.226s
9. Jesse MADDEN 1m07.259s
10. Taylor POTTER 1m07.336s
11. Mitchell EVANS 1m07.480s
12. Geran STAPLETON 1m07.570s
13. Jay WILSON 1m07.822s
14. Egan MASTIN 1m08.646s
15. Cooper POZNIAK 1m09.287s
16. Maximus PURVIS 1m09.524s
17. John PRUTTI 1m10.013s
18. Nick SUTHERLAND 1m10.147s
19. Callum NORTON 1m10.731s
20. Jye DICKSON 1m11.013s

SX1 qualifying (results only):
1. Justin BRAYTON 1m02.959s
2. Luke CLOUT 1m03.513s
3. Daniel REARDON 1m04.686s
4. Dylan LONG 1m04.863s
5. Dean FERRIS 1m05.233s
6. Nick SCHMIDT 1m06.180s
7. Cheyne BOYD 1m06.603s
8. Daniel HERRLEIN 1m06.892s
9. Todd WATERS 1m06.978s
10. Jesse DOBSON 1m07.092ss
11. Nathan CRAWFORD 1m07.180s
12. Lewis WOODS 1m07.523s
13. Joel WIGHTMAN 1m07.636s
14. Kade MOSIG 1m07.656s
15. Geran STAPLETON 1m08.347s
16. Robbie MARSHALL 1m09.153s
17. Luke WILSON 1m09.384s
18. Jamie HARVEY 1m14.217s

SX2 heat one:
It was defending SX2 champion Jackson Richardson (Serco Yamaha) who took victory in the opening seven-lap heat of the afternoon, over five seconds ahead of Aaron Tanti (Team WBR Bulk Nutrients Yamaha) and Geran Stapleton (Honda) completing the top three. But the big news was the late crash of former champion Gavin Faith (Penrite Honda Racing), going down on the final lap and registering a DNF as a result. That left Egan Mastin (KTM Motocross Racing Team) and Connor Tierney (Team WBR Bulk Nutrients Yamaha) to round out the top five.

2. Aaron TANTI
4. Egan MASTIN
5. Connor TIERNEY
6. Taylor POTTER
8. Ricky LATIMER
10. James BROWN
11. Maximus PURVIS
12. Joshua BREWSTER
13. Dylan WOOD

SX2 heat two:
It was a convincing start to finish win for points leader Hayden Mellross, the DPH Motorsport Yamaha rider going on to cross the line 6.413s ahead of Kyle Webster (Penrite CRF Honda Racing) and Mitch Evans (Serco Yamaha). It was a spread out order from there as Jesse Madden (KSF Racing Husqvarna) continued his solid form for fourth, followed by rookie Cooper Pozniak (Yamalube Yamaha Racing) in P5.

1. Hayden MELLROSS
3. Mitchell EVANS
4. Jesse MADDEN
5. Cooper POZNIAK
7. John PRUTTI
8. Callum NORTON
9. Morgan FOGARTY
10. Lochie LATIMER
11. Dylan WILLS
12. Chandler BURNS
13. Caleb GOULLET

SX1 heat one:
The first SX1 heat was led by Crankt Protein Honda Racing’s Luke Clout for much of the duration, until a mistake and fall in the whoops enabled Dylan Long (CDR Yamaha) to go ahead for the victory. A full 15.5s behind him came DPH Motorsport Yamaha’s Kade Mosig, as American import Nick Schmidt (Wilson’s Coolair Motul Suzuki), Jesse Dobson (Penrite Honda Racing) and Clout completed the top five after he managed to remount and claw his way to the position.

1. Dylan LONG
2. Kade MOSIG
4. Jesse DOBSON
5. Luke CLOUT
6. Daniel HERRLEIN
7. Robbie MARSHALL
8. Lewis WOODS
9. Jamie HARVEY

SX1 heat two:
Reigning MX Nationals champion Dean Ferris made it a CDR Yamaha sweep of the 450 heats as he put together a solid eight laps to head red plate-holder Justin Brayton (Penrite Honda Racing), the American recovering from the bad start but lodging the quickest lap of both heats in the 1m04s. Third, but 25 seconds in arrears, was Todd Waters (Crankt Protein Honda Racing), while Mega Fuels Monster Energy Kawasaki teammates Nathan Crawford and Dan Reardon were the top five. Of note, on double duty was Stapleton, going sixth in the SX1 heat.

1. Dean FERRIS
2. Justin BRAYTON
3. Todd WATERS
4. Nathan CRAWFORD
5. Daniel REARDON
7. Luke WILSON
9. Cheyne BOYD

After crashing out of his heat, current American Arenacross champion Faith rebounded for a commanding victory in the LCQ to lead Wilson Todd (DPH Motorsport Yamaha) by 2.174s, with Dylan Wills (Dyson Motorsport Husqvarna) also managing to bounce back from a difficult heat to cross the line in third. Morgan Fogarty (Raceline Pirelli KTM) and James Brown (Yamaha) were fourth and fifth respectively.

1. Gavin FAITH
2. Wilson TODD
3. Dylan WILLS
4. Morgan FOGARTY
5. James BROWN
7. Lochie LATIMER
8. Joshua BREWSTER
10. Chandler BURNS
11. Maximus PURVIS

SX2 final:
Penrite Honda Racing’s Faith – sporting a Delcon Civil livery tonight – took a pivotal victory in the 15-lap SX2 main event at Bacchus Marsh, 4.412s ahead of defending champion Richardson and a charging Todd, who put forward an impressive performance to complete the podium. The fourth position belonged to Wills, who in turn was directly ahead of both Wilson and Tierney. In a far better showing compared to his factory KTM debut, Mastin crossed the line seventh, as fellow newcomer Pozniak, Madden and the experienced class mainstay Taylor Potter (X-Drive Honda) filled the top 10 placings. As for initial runaway leader Mellross, he looked to be controlling the race until just past the halfway mark he went down heavily, costing him what appeared a sure victory and also the red plate. That enabled Faith to take charge in the number one position, as Mellross plummeted down the order and was eventually declared a DNF score. Disaster also struck Evans, the supercross newcomer unable to replicate his opening round podium after striking problems early, pitting with a flat front tyre and then finishing nine laps down. It was a tough night for Webster as well, going down twice and being unable to finish in the end.

1. Gavin FAITH
3. Wilson TODD
4. Dylan WILLS
6. Connor TIERNEY
7. Egan MASTIN
8. Cooper POZNIAK
9. Jesse MADDEN
10. Taylor POTTER
11. Callum NORTON
12. Morgan FOGARTY
14. Ricky LATIMER
16. John PRUTTI
17. Aaron TANTI
18. Mitchell EVANS

SX1 final:
It was another commanding ride from Brayton in the 20-lap SX1 main event at Bacchus Marsh, getting out front early and then counting down the laps from there. In posting a fastest lap of the final a full second quicker than his opposition, the points leader finished 7.947s ahead of Ferris, who once again proved his consistency in supercross with another runner-up result. Making it two CRF450Rs on the rostrum was Waters, also showing that his skills extend further than the outdoors in a deserving result for the outgoing factory Honda organisation. An in-form Long followed closely behind for fourth, comfortably ahead of Reardon, who in turn kept Schmidt behind him aboard the new RM-Z450. Clout crossed the line in P7 after running in podium contention for the first part of the race, only to fall and then be forced to fight back for position. The top 10 was rounded out by Crawford, Mosig and Cheyne Boyd (Park4MX Yamaha).

1. Justin BRAYTON
2. Dean FERRIS
3. Todd WATERS
4. Dylan LONG
5. Daniel REARDON
7. Luke CLOUT
8. Nathan CRAWFORD
9. Kade MOSIG
10. Cheyne BOYD
11. Daniel HERRLEIN
12. Luke WILSON
14. Robbie MARSHALL
16. Jamie HARVEY
17. Jesse DOBSON