News 27 Sep 2017

Maxima Racing Oils celebrates two-strokes with '927 Day'

Castor 927 product launched the brand way back in 1979.

Source: Supplied.

Maxima Racing Oils has announced that today is 927 Day, in celebration of two-strokes and its Castor 927 product that launched the brand way back in 1979.

That type of heritage is rarely found in any brand in the marketplace and Maxima was founded to solve a problem that existed at the OEM level, ultimately creating a superior Castor-based two-stroke oil for motocross.

In 1979, two-cycle racing castor oil was becoming hard to come by and available castors had nasty side effects. Simply put, Dick Lechien decided to make his own racing castor oil for his son Ron Lechien.

“We were using caster oils and suffering all the issues of rings sticking and so on,” Maxima founder Dick Lechien explained. “A couple castor oil manufacturers had ceased to manufacture for a short period of time and one thing led to another. Castor oil is the reason we got into it, but once we got into it we realised that there wasn’t enough castor oil business to build a business on, so we got into other products.”

Maxima is recognised as one of the most coveted brands in the racing industry. Decades of active involvement in professional racing has led to powerful technology and a full array of market-leading products. The company continues its heritage by playing an active role in the sport and racing communities striving to deliver superior quality for the recreational athlete or world champion.

Further information on the Maxima Racing Oils range can be found via Australian national distributor Steve Cramer Products’ website at