News 25 Sep 2017

Supercross season starts for WBR Bulk Nutrients

Team WBR Bulk Nutrients press release:

Australian Supercross kicked off with round 1 in Jimboomba QLD. A lot of work had gone into preparing for the series and the team headed to QLD early to run the race bikes at QMP on the Thursday in an effort to be as prepared as possible come the Saturday night.

The team got off to a decent start to the series with Aaron Tanti taking 8th in the Main event and Connor Tierney taking 15th.

The end result was a solid start to the series after things didn’t go perfectly to plan. Aaron Tanti had a massive off in one of the tricky rhythm lanes in qualifying, Luckily Aaron being as tough as he is he managed to not let it faze him and blocked out the pain to be ready for the night program. Aaron posted a great result of 3rd in his heat race and was ready for the main event.

Connor also didn’t have an easy night. Connor had a terrible start and got caught up in turn one in the heat race, Connor rode great and moved to ninth with only one more spot needed to go through to the main it was looking like a good heat race result considering coming from last until Connor unfortunately washed the front meaning it was a trip to the LCQ for him.

Connor got it done in the LCQ setting a good lap time and gaining some extra track time. It was time for the main event.

Both riders got a great start and we almost had both WBR Bulk Nutrients Yamaha’s in the top 5 from the start. Unfortunately Connor went down in turn one and had to race from last place. Aaron run up front early but began to suffer bad arm pump and managed to salvage an 8th.

Aaron had not raced the last half of the MX Nationals due to injury and this could of been a major cause to his arm pump troubles in the main. Both boys are in good spirits and know there best results are still to come. The team is now excited for round 2 in Victoria in 3 weeks time.