News 25 Sep 2017

Plus Fitness, Penrite Honda’s fitness partner for 2017

Penrite Honda Racing press release:

The reigning championship Honda Supercross Team reached out to Australian owned Plus Fitness to use their state of the art facilities during the Supercross championship for 2017.

Founding Director of Plus Fitness John Fuller welcomed Honda’s Supercross Team and is pleased Plus Fitness can provide what the riders and team members need.

“I was excited to hear from the team and welcomed them to Plus Fitness. I have worked with team owner Yarrive Konsky personally and professionally with his racing and other activities. Motorcycle racing is physically hard and we respect their discipline. It’s a great fit for Plus Fitness to align with the sport of motorcycling and Penrite Honda”. Fuller said.

Team Manger Jay Foreman understands that riders need the right resources to be at the top of their game.

“Plus Fitness has 180 gyms that offer our riders consistency and continuity. Whether they are training near home or on the road whilst we are away racing, it’s important that I know they have everything the need to be their best.” Said Foreman.

Plus Fitness is an Australian owned franchised chain of gyms offering affordable and flexible memberships at over 180 convenient locations across Australia and New Zealand.

Motocross and Supercross are considered to be one the most physically and mentally demanding sports in the world.

Studies of motocross/supercross riders in past years have compared riders against athletes from demanding sports such as NFL football, professional basketball, track and soccer with results showing that riders, overall, were at a higher level of physical fitness. Supercross requires strength, agility, durability, hand-eye coordination, speed and strategic awareness.