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Review: Alpinestars Tech 10 boot wears the latest Alpinestars Tech 10 boot.

Your feet and lower legs are very vulnerable aboard a motocross bike, so when it comes to foot protection you obviously need to be wise with your boot of choice. You’ll be searching for a strong combination of multiple features when it comes to a quality boot, a checklist of sorts to ensure you’ve made the correct decision.

Founded in 1963 by craftsman Sante Mazzarolo, the Alpinestars brand is well established in the boot market and there’s definitely multiple ticked boxes on the Tech 10 boot as you go through the list. Let’s take a closer look at the product itself and give you a rundown on how exactly they perform on-track.

Firstly, let’s take a look at construction and safety. These are key elements in any boot and definitely something we should be focusing on – ankle or foot injuries are no fun. Using a one-piece co-injected foot chassis, the Tech 10 boot features five different advanced polymer compounds in a single streamlined and lightweight piece.

This designed has been used to offer both strength and flexibility throughout the structure, while maintaining its robust structural integrity at the same time with no joints or weak points. An exclusive dual compound sole is also seamlessly integrated to the multi-density foot base structure with built-in support and the sole offers superior durability, grip and feel while riding.

The upper section of the boot is both lightweight and innovative using full-grain leather with advanced lightweight microfiber and an impact and abrasion resistant TPU shell. The medial-facing panel is constructed from a one-piece, specifically formulated polymer for improved structural stability and integrity, and incorporates a rubber insert panel for maximum grip contact with bike and improved abrasion resistance.

Image: Greg Smith (iKapture).

The CE certified Alpinestars Tech 10 boot also uses a dual closer system with an internal microfiber flap and velcro for a precise fit. To prevent frontal hyperextension and offer greater flex control, the shin section of the boot also uses a unique TPU blade system. Strategically placed throughout the frontal area are multiple micro-adjustable, easy to operate and lightweight buckles.

Much like the frontal area of the boot, a contoured TPU calf protector plate offers impact resistance and incorporates Alpinestars’ innovative rear blade system, formed with hard shock resistant polymer to protect the heel and features a rear hyperextension guard.

To top it off an innovative, ergonomic design for lateral and medial flex zones to provide superb front and rear flexion support are also featured. This helps prevent damaging torsional forces around the ankle area. The multi-density foot shell incorporating heel and toe protection is also highly resistant to abrasion and impact, and adds to the boot’s overall durability.

As you can see already, the Alpinestars Tech 10 is packed with impressive protection features and has been constructed using a range of high quality materials. But we’re not done yet, there’s a whole lot more to go over when it comes to the protection features offered on this product.

A personal favourite feature of mine, the inner ankle brace/bootie, is not only comfortable, but it also offers additional protection and makes cleaning a much more simple process. Cleaning you ask? Well, have you ever washed a traditional boot and then gone riding the next day? If so, you will have dealt with wet socks, there’s no doubt about it.

The beauty of the Tech 10 design is the ability to remove that during washing and leave the boot to dry on its own. If it’s not completely dry the next day, there’s no problem there, just chuck the inner bootie inside and you’re good to go. This is one feature I’m personally a huge fan of, it’s a multi-purpose design in my eyes.

As I mentioned, there’s also a protection aspect when it comes to the bootie and that comes in the form of an innovative biomechanical ankle brace that features both medial and lateral ‘C’ torsion bars. These bars control ankle and leg rotation while allowing complete freedom of movement.

Combining this inner bootie with TPU protection, shock absorbing padding on the heel and ankles, an ultra thin and flexible forefoot area for increased sensitivity and a new dual compound removable anatomic foot bed – you’ve got yourself a seriously comfortable boot.

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Slipping the Tech 10s on your feet is definitely an enjoyable experience, it’s truly impressive just how comfortable these boots are. Thanks to the smart construction of the boot and features such as the inner bootie, you’re greeted with a product that can be worn comfortably for hours on end and the on-track performance is optimum.

There’s basically no break-in time when it comes to the Tech 10s either, throw them on, spin a few laps and you’ll never notice you’re wearing brand new boots. With such a slim and seamless design you have maximum sensitivity on your controls, it’s the perfect mix of comfort, protection and performance all mixed together in one boot.

Out on the track the new buckle closure system remains closed and ensures a secure fit throughout your ride. Using high-impact aluminium bridge closures with memory and a quick release and locking system, the buckle design self-aligns for easy and precise closure. In simple terms, these buckles work very well and you won’t be sitting there smashing them closed and getting sore hands in the pits before you even hit the track.

For those guys riding in less than ideal conditions, the Alpinestars Tech 10 also uses a soft microfiber gaiter to help seal out excessive water and dirt entry. With the boot buckles adjusted correctly, this forms a nice seal around the leg and minimal debris enters out on-track or amongst the trails.

For added durability and to ensure you can truly get your worth out of the Tech 10 boot, Alpinestars also offers a full sole replacement and boot repair service. If you’re out there spinning a million laps a week and chew through the central sole section, don’t stress, you can have that replaced and your boots will be brand new once again.

Overall the Alpinestars Tech 10 boot is a seriously strong performer with a vast range of high-end features throughout. If you’re searching for ample protection, comfort and loads of style, the Alpinestars Tech 10 boot is definitely going to be right up your alley. The 2017 Alpinestars Tech 10 boot is now available at your local Alpinestars dealer for $699.95. For more information or to find your nearest Alpinestars dealer, head to