Products 20 Sep 2017

Product: 2017 Neken SFS triple clamp

Focusing in on the innovative Neken SFS triple clamp system.

The 2017 Neken SFS triple clamp, designed to improve riding comfort and decrease arm-pump, is now available nationwide in multiple colours to suit a range of motocross models.

Constructed using aerospace aluminium, the patented triple clamp system uses a hydraulic and pneumatic system in the bottom handlebar clamp to provide optimum rider comfort and performance.

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Developed in collaboration with the top American and European supercross and motocross teams, the innovative 2017 Neken SFS triple clamp requires no servicing and comes pre-pressed with a Pivot Works lower bearing for easy installation.

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– Iridium aerospace alloy CNC machining.
– Handlebar clamp included.
– Easy to install, pre-pressed Pivot Works lower bearing included.
– Hydraulic and pneumatic system in the bottom handlebar clamp.
– Improve the riding comfort, decrease the arm-pump.
– Developed in collaboration with top US SX/MX and MXGP teams.
– No service required.
– Torque settings noticed on clamps.
– Patented in Europe and USA.
– High pressure air pump required (0-11 bar/0-160 psi) to adjust the clamps.
– Blue anodising for Kawasaki and Yamaha.
– Red anodising for Suzuki and Honda.

Source: Supplied.

The 2017 Neken SFS triple clamp comes in at a recommended retail price of $1299.00, while the standard system without suspension comes in at $649.00. For more information on Neken products domestically, head to