News 25 Aug 2017

Roczen details gradual strategy in return to riding

Multi-time motocross champion on-track for full recovery.

Source: Supplied.

Honda HRC’s Ken Roczen has detailed his gradual strategy to recommence riding after being sidelined for several months with multiple injuries to his left arm sustained at the Anaheim 2 round of the 2017 Monster Energy AMA Supercross Championship.

Roczen initially returned to riding last month, which saw the multi-time champion ease back into it before undergoing further surgeries to remove hardware from his arm.

“I ended up riding two to three times a week and things started coming around really well,” said Roczen. “My wrist was still sore and bugging me a little bit so I was breaking things up into four 15-minute sessions a day.

“It was good, especially for just coming back. Our turn track is super rough so that came in play too. I could’ve probably done a 30-plus-two on our normal track because even though it’s rough, it’s a different type of rough than the turn track. I have even more extension in my elbow now than I did back then, so that should be better.”

The German-native explained he’s hired a physical therapist that work’s with him twice a day over a six-month period, and also mentioned he’ll utilise special braces for both his elbow and wrist that will assist in extension.

“I basically moved a top of the line physical therapist to my town in Florida,” he continued. “At first, he was living with me but we ended up getting him an apartment because he’ll be working with me over a six-month period.

“Basically, we do therapy twice a day almost every day and I’m working on it quite a bit myself too. The next step is to start using these braces I have that I can put my elbow and wrist in that click degree by degree to work on extension – those should help a lot.”

Roczen is slated to have stitches removed this week, which will allow him to continue his recovery through to the final stages.