Products 10 Aug 2017

Product: 2018 Shift MX Whit3 Label helmet

Affordable helmet revamped for the new year.

Shift MX Australia has released its 2018 line of products, with the Whit3 Label helmet making a welcomed return, however its been completely revamped for the new year.

The helmet elevates expectations for quality, value and style. Through simplistic innovations, the helmet gives you more of what you need and less of what you don’t.

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This refined approach has led Shift to a brand new shell construction – an aggressive and unique design which eliminates bulk and maximises utility and function. It’s resulted in reduced weight while maintaining durability and staying true to the brands style.

It didn’t stop there, while preserving both ECE and DOT certifications, it increased ventilation dramatically. With a total of 15 vents – 10 intakes and five exhaust – the helmet channels a massive volume of air through the helmet to keep you cool and dry.

Shift also reinvented the visor, removing the centre post helps prevent it from breaking during small, slow speed fall so you can get up and keep charging.

The upgrades aren’t limited to the surface level, as the inside of the helmet you will find a dual density EPS liner for better energy absorption in case of an impact, and a removable/washable inner liner keeps the interior fresh and funk-free.

Source: Supplied.

2018 Shift MX Whit3 Label helmet key features:
– Shell design eliminates bulk and maximises utility and function.
– Injection moulded ABS/PC shell reduces weight while maintaining durability.
– Dual density EPS internal foam for superior impact absorption.
– 10 intake and five exhaust vents provide maximum air intake and airflow.
– Unique fixed visor system allows more direct air channeling through centre channel.
– Removable and washable inner cheek pads and crown liner system.
– Stainless steel D-Ring chinstrap closure.
– ECE and DOT approved.

Priced at RRP $199.95, the Whit3 Label helmet is available in multiple designs and colours, and can be purchased through participating dealers and online retailers. For more information, visit