Products 9 Aug 2017

Review: 2018 Alpinestars Racer gear set tests the latest 2018 Alpinestars Racer offering.

In a market filled with an increasing amount of high-end motocross racewear, it’s becoming quite a tough task to choose your gear of choice each year. Luckily for you, we’re here to help you make that choice and decide exactly which product you would like to purchase! So let’s sit down and take a closer look at the latest 2018 Alpinestars Racer jersey and pant along with the Radar Flight glove.

The first thing you always notice when opening a fresh package of Alpinestars gear is the design and colour combination. The 2018 Alpinestars Racer ‘Supermatic’ graphic in the blue option really stands out and makes a statement both on track and in the pits. To put it more simply, if you’re looking to lay low and remain conservative, this probably isn’t the way to go for you.

On the other hand, if you want to stand out and look fresh out there either on race day or with your mates at the local practice track, this is definitely the way to go. This combination paired with our Alpinestars Tech 10 boots and Bell Moto-9 Flex helmet really came together well and the action shots speak for themselves.

Now we’re sure that we look good, it’s time to ensure that we feel good wearing the product – that’s something that’s definitely key in your gear choice for the season. Featuring pre-cuved sleeves and a poly-fabric lightweight construction, the Alpinestars Racer jersey is both a comfortable and high performance piece of racewear.

Using moisture durable wicking material, a stretch collar neck, fitted wrist cuffs and a longer cut in the rear to remain tucked in, the Racer jersey ticks all of the boxes. Alpinestars gear has always provided a quality fit and it’s definitely the same for 2018, there are no complaints here when it comes to fit and performance.

Image: Greg Smith (iKapture).

Now when it comes to a motocross pant, this is where it gets a lot more technical and any design flaws can really stand out. You need to have just the right fit to ensure the pant clears your knee braces well, provides ample movement and stays secure during those long rides. Those are only a few points that need to be addressed, so let’s get into the rest of it now.

Constructed using a durable poly-fabric/nylon construction that is PU coated for additional strength and durability, the 2018 Alpinestars Racer pant is designed to stand up to the harshest conditions. Using leather reinforced inner-leg panels, you also have heat resistance and grip covered near the pant and boot junction.

One of the biggest updates that I was personally glad to see in the 2018 Alpinestars Racer pant was the switch to the ratchet closure system. Moving away from the snap front closure system for 2018, this now ensures a more secure fit and added adjustment when needed. Although the previous system worked well, the ratchet option just can’t be topped.

Complimenting the new ratchet closure system, the 2018 Alpinestars Racer pant also continues to use the handy dual waist adjustment pull-tabs. This pull-tab system allows for even more flexibility in the fit of the pant, you really can customise this pant to suit your sizing perfectly.

The fit of the Racer pant has also been updated for 2018 thanks to ventilated mesh and stretch panel inserts. These inserts paired with the pre-curved ergonomic leg construction allow for a natural riding position and you really can’t tell that you’re wearing anything out on the track.

There are no hang-ups when it comes to the fit, you don’t find yourself looking for added flexibility or more room in certain areas. Overall the Alpinestars crew has definitely nailed the fit of these pants for the upcoming season, which is definitely the most important aspect of any motocross pant in my opinion.

Source: Supplied.

Included in the list of 2018 Racer pant features we also see the innovative hidden expansion panel which has been designed to help accommodate knee protection. This 3D knee construction plays a key role in the comfort and performance of the pant and is a welcomed feature that’s for sure.

Perforated foam hip pads will also be included with your 2018 Alpinestars Racer pant purchase, although I personally remove them in any pant, this is yet another handy safety feature for those that choose to use them. We also see a handy interior hip pocket for key or coin storage in 2018 and this is something I like to see in the list of features.

Yes, this pant is a high performance product, but at the same time it is aimed at your regular weekend rider. To be able to stash away some money or a car key in your pants when you head out riding is very handy in my opinion. Do you really want to carry a backpack just so you can bring your car key along with you? I know I definitely don’t.

Rounding out our 2018 Alpinestars Racer kit is the Radar Flight glove. Featuring a lightweight single-piece spandex upper and Clarino palm, this glove is exactly what I personally like to see. The Radar Flight glove fits very well and doesn’t bunch up in your palm, it also looks great with the Supermatic blue colourway, so there are definitely no cons when it comes to this glove!

As a complete package the 2018 Alpinestars Racer jersey and pant paired with the Radar Flight glove is a real winner in our book. You look good, feel good and your wallet will even feel better knowing that this isn’t even the top price point in the 2018 range. Yep, that’s right, the 2018 Racer line comes in at an affordable price point and still provides ample performance on-track.

Coming in at a recommended retail price of $49.95 for the jersey, $169.95 for the pant and $39.95 for the glove, you’re getting a whole lot of high-end product for a very reasonable price. The 2018 Alpinestars Racer gear and Radar Flight glove are now available nationwide, head to your local Alpinestars dealer or for more information check out