News 4 Aug 2017

Adventure to the final round of the Motul MX Nationals at Coolum

Motul MX Nationals press release:

Make the trek to Coolum an adventure to remember with an exclusive offer of free entry to the final round of the Motul MX Nationals for all Adventure Bikes, with the event being held on August 19 and 20 on the Sunshine Coast.

That’s right, it’s time to rally up the mates and hit the road for a weekend of adventure and racing adrenaline, because the championship deciding round is one you don’t want to miss, and now all you adventurers have no excuse.

In the Oxford Dictionary, ‘Adventure’ is defined as an unusual and exciting or daring experience, and for us that’s exactly what travelling to, and then attending the last round of the series at Coolum is all about.

Series Promoter Kevin Williams today explained this year’s ‘Adventure Free Entry’ initiative, and is encouraging groups and individuals to plan their trips for an adventure weekend to remember.

“This year we really wanted to see some different types of fans at Coolum. The Adventure scene is Australia is full of motorcycle lovers, and we would love for them to see what we do at the MX Nationals,” Williams shared.

“Having an Adventure bike, you’re always looking for somewhere that you can take a trip and spend the weekend, so what better place than the Sunshine Coast in Coolum, where over two whole days we have a program jam packed with racing.

“We will be offering complimentary entry and an ‘Adventure Bike’ parking space to all spectators who arrive at Coolum with their Adventure machines.

“We are encouraging groups or even individuals to come along and take advantage of this special offer, because Coolum, as always, is sure to deliver some of the best racing of the season.”

The tenth and final round of the 2017 Motul MX Nationals will take place at Coolum on the Sunshine Coast on August 19 and 20.

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