Interviews 1 Aug 2017

Debrief: Dean Ferris

Championship leader on his dominant day in New South Wales.

CDR Yamaha’s Dean Ferris dominated Port Macquarie’s eighth round of the Motul MX Nationals last weekend, claiming Super Pole before going onto the take two commanding victories. The defending champion has now stretched his lead out to 75 points, putting him in a position to potentially clinch the title at the next round in Toowoomba. tracked down the number one to discuss his day.

Image: MXN.

Back in the winners circle – the middle step of the podium – obviously a good result, but a really good performance today as well.

1-1-1 – it was a perfect day. I haven’t done that in a while, Toddy [Waters] has been getting a few Super Poles, so I’m really happy [to get one]. I’m thankful I got good starts today because it would’ve been really hard to pass, everyone was on it today and they kept pushing me. I had a comfortable little gap, but one mistake and they would’ve been all over me. Toddy came on strong there in the second half of the second moto, so I’m glad I kept the wins going and it was good to have the boys push me really hard.

What was it about this track that kept the lap times pretty tight between the depth of the field?

I think it was just that it got hard-packed and slick, it really wasn’t what we thought it was going to be – it just got hard-packed an slick, where it looked like it was going to get really rutted and deep. I don’t know, it was a bit tight over here and there wasn’t much time to be made – it was kind of fast over there and everyone was kind of going the same speed – it was tight.

It’s a new track on the calendar, what did you think of it? It’s not a bad atmosphere the way the crowd groups up.

Yeah it was good, and I had a lot of people from Kyogle, northern New South Wales and some old friends come down here today to cheer me on – that was really nice, it was kind of like a home race feel about it for me – it was good.

Image: MXN.

It’s the business end of the championship now with two rounds to go, what’s your take going into the next one?

Look, I just want to stick to the plan. I’ve got a big points lead now, but I want to keep trying to win and do the best I can – just execute everything like we’ve been doing all year. So yeah, the same program that I do every week, it sounds like a broken record, but I’ve got a really good program going with Guy [Andrews] and the CDR team, and we need to stick with it.

Is your mindset ‘it’s not done until it’s done’?

Yeah, it’s never done until it’s done. I’ve got to keep working hard and be smart at the same time.

In terms of supercross and a new bike coming, what’s the plan on preparation – is that on hold until after Coolum?

Yeah, for sure. Initially, riding it was unreal, but I’m just not ready to race it yet – I’m so comfortable and know this bike that well that I’ve decided that I want to stay on this until the end of the championship, but come supercross time, I’m really looking forward to riding it.

Yeah no worries and well done.