Products 28 Jul 2017

Review: Metzeler MC360 tyres tests the all-new versatile MC360 tyres from Metzeler.

Do you enjoy racing your motorcycle, but at the same time like the idea of heading out with some friends for a bit of weekend fun? Maybe you’re a guy who enjoys riding the trails and at times you need to hit the tarmac to reach your favourite destination? Let me introduce to you the all-new Metzeler MC360 range of tyres that may just be the answer you’ve been looking for.

Designed with performance in mind and suited to motocross, supercross, cross-country, enduro and freestyle applications, the Metzeler MC360 tyre is that all-rounder that covers all of the bases. The MC360 tyre was designed to be versatile and durable, yet suitable for performance use in all applications – it’s the ideal ‘all-rounder’.

Image: Greg Smith (iKapture).

How exactly is it the ideal all-rounder? Well, remember when I mentioned tarmac earlier? The MC360 tyre is not only designed to perform off-road, but it is also completely street legal, which is a huge plus for anyone hitting the trails on their registered models. This allows riders to really sample the best of both worlds and remain 100 percent legal at the same time.

Available in either a mid-hard or mid-soft option, the MC360 tyre has been designed using a PET structure for an optimum balance between softness and toughness. This allows the tyre to avoid bumps and at the same time reduce fatigue and increase rider endurance. A tri-ply carcass is also featured to create a strong and impact-resistant product for those long and challenging rides.

Image: Greg Smith (iKapture).

The mid-soft and mid-hard compounds also feature specific knob characteristics for improved performance on the track or trail. Using a 100 percent carbon black blend of synthetic and natural rubbers, the tyre is designed to remain stable during temperature changes and offer consistent performance and feel at all times.

Using Wollongong Motorcycle Club’s versatile facility at a testing ground for the all-new Metzeler MC360, we were able to sample the tyres in a range of conditions on multiple models. With a relatively hard base on the motocross circuit and a mixture of terrain throughout the enduro loop, it was a great location to really get a good feel for the product.

Source: Supplied.

Overall it was the MC360 mid-hard option that took the top spot on the day for us here at With a harder surface dominating a majority of the facility, this offering really stood out on both the track and the trails. In saying that though, the mid-soft wasn’t far off throughout the day and it definitely performed very well even on the harder surfaces.

Featuring Metzeler’s CKB technology (Continuous Knob Binding) the mid-hard compound tyres use identical centre knobs up front, which have been alternatively divided in two and three sections. This design has been used to enhance lateral thrust while alternated shovel and diamond-shaped knobs come into play as the bike leans over whilst cornering.

Image: Greg Smith (iKapture).

To ensure fast and efficient evacuation of mud and dirt from between the knobs, the Metzeler MC360 tyre also features ‘V’ shapes between the knobs. This ‘V’ shape design is featured across both the mid-hard and mid-soft variations and plays a key role in the tyre’s performance on a vast range of terrain.

The mid-hard rear tyre also features Metzeler’s CKB technology and uses wide centre knobs aligned with lateral diamond knobs to maximise turning support, traction on corner exit and durability. These features combined front and rear provide a confidence-inspiring ride and it’s impressive just how well these tyres perform on such a wide range of terrain.

Source: Supplied.

As I mentioned, although the mid-hard offering was the star of the show for us on the day, that definitely doesn’t mean that the mid-soft is lacking in any way. With the knobs on the front mid-soft tyre featuring a parabola layout, this provides optimum traction on softer surfaces and the centre knobs are also divided into sections for enhanced lateral thrust.

Lateral diamond-shaped knobs are also featured on the MC360 mid-soft front tyre for multiple reasons. To improve carving efficiency in leaning is the main idea behind this design, and secondly this design also improves self-cleaning from between the knobs. The mid-soft rear also features a parabola layout, diamond-shaped shoulder knobs and ‘V’ shapes between the knobs for enhanced clearing of mud and dirt.

Image: Greg Smith (iKapture).

Already packed with features, both the mid-hard and mid-soft Metzeler MC360 tyres are also reversible. What does this mean exactly? You can spin that tyre around when the crisp edge is worn down and pull some additional life out of your purchase! With a fresh edge on the tyre after rotation, you’ll definitely be getting the most out of these tyres.

Overall the all-new Metzeler MC360 tyre is a solid performer across the board and features a tonne of attractive benefits for a broad range of riders. With a recommended retail price ranging from $89.95 to $99.95 for the fronts and $99.95 to $129.95 for the rears, the Metzeler MC360 tyre is now available at your local Metzeler dealer. For more information on Metzeler products, head to