News 19 Jul 2017

Sherwood claims dual gold medals at X Games Minneapolis

Australian riders earn several podium finishes at the prestigious event.

Source: Supplied.

New Zealand’s Levi Sherwood has continued his dominance this year in the discipline of freestyle motocross (FMX), claiming two gold medals at the highly regarded X Games Minneapolis event last weekend.

Sherwood won the Moto X Freestyle category with a judges score of 92.33, performing a list of his signature tricks to win comfortably ahead of talented field.

Silver and bronze medals were awarded to Australians Josh Sheehan (Honda) and Clinton Moore (Yamaha), while fellow countrymen Rob Adelberg (Yamaha) and Harry Bink (Honda) were seventh and eighth respectively.

Sherwood performed two double-flip variations in Moto X Best Trick, crediting him the win over an Australian dominated field, which saw Jackson Strong (Yamaha), Moore and Sheehan complete positions second through to fourth. Bink and Adelberg were also invited for Best Trick, concluding the day sixth and seventh.

Moto X Step Up was captured by Aussie favourite Jarryd McNeil (Yamaha), who soared to a height of 44 feet, defeating Bryce Hudson (Honda) and Robbie Renner (KTM), while Moto X Best Whip was taken out by Destin Cantrell (KTM), followed by McNeil and Tyler Bereman (Kawasaki), which came down to a public vote via social media. Western Australian Sheehan came in sixth.

The final day of the event played host to Moto X Quarterpipe High Air, with the number one spot being awarded to Colby Raha (Kawasaki), then it was Bereman and Brian McCarty (Kawasaki). McNeil entered the category, however a heavy crash on landing during his first attempt resulted in a dislocated hip.