Interviews 18 Jul 2017

Debrief: Kirk Gibbs

Shepparton victor on his exceptional day in Victoria.

It was a thrilling weekend for KTM Motocross Racing Team’s Kirk Gibbs at Shepparton’s seventh round of the Motul MX Nationals, who became the first rider to break CDR Yamaha Dean Ferris six-round winning streak. The former champion lodged 1-2 results to be credited the overall victor, gaining much needed points in the standings. tracked down the number five post-race to discuss his day.

Image: MXN.

You got the overall victory here at Shepparton, it’s a good result and must feel good to finally stand on the top step of the podium.

Yeah, it’s really good. Obviously it helped when Dean [Ferris] had that mishap in the first moto, he’s riding really well and probably would’ve been right there in the first moto as well. It was really good to work hard for that first race win, and man, that was a crazy, crazy battle in the second moto. I felt like I struggled at the start, I was trying to find some different lines to get away from the boys going into the same ruts, but I kept losing ground. I just went back to what I know, taking some of the lines that I went in the first moto – that started paying off, and yeah, I was able to steal that second place off Todd [Waters] at the end.

What was it about the track today that made for the close racing?

It wasn’t quite as deep as normal, it’s usually real hard and the ruts are real straight-lined. It didn’t get super rough – it was rough – but it didn’t get crazy. Everyone is just holding it on at the moment, so any guy in the top five, six or seven could win a race. That just proves it, we’re all ding-donging.

Image: MXN.

You mentioned on the podium that you’re going to go back to Queensland and get into more of a regular routine and focus in on the three rounds to come.

I’ve been down to Sydney and Melbourne, we’ve been working on a few things that I think I needed to work on. It’s really good, I really love doing it and the team is working hard, I’m working hard as well and obviously it’s showing. It will be good to get home and get into more of a routine as I’ve been away a little bit. I’m really excited to get home and just plug away at these last three rounds.

Does this change your outlook getting the win or the monkey off your back? I suppose you’re applying yourself every round.

Not really, I felt like I could be there any week, it’s just putting it all together – it’s those one percenters that I was missing, and Dean’s riding really well and confident at the moment. This will just boost my confidence a bit more, so it will be good to go into the next round with a touch more confidence and know that I can get those wins. We’ll definitely try chase a few more before it’s out.

It was definitely good to see, well done and thanks mate.

Thank you.