Products 12 Jul 2017

Review: 2017 Acerbis Special Edition Dreamevil gear set puts the European brand to the test.

Words: Guy Streeter

Acerbis is widely known European brand and recognised for its European look, but in the last year or so the Italian brand has more of an American feel creeping in to their designs.

With some of the tendencies for tighter, more form fitting jerseys, Acerbis is accommodating this trend as well. The Special Edition Dreamevil gear is perfect for any discipline of riding whether it be motocross, enduro or adventure.

The jersey is 100 percent polyester with pre-curved fitting for better movement when chest protectors are worn under the jersey, while the jersey isn’t skin tight, it is a little more fitting than your regular jersey with stretch fabric inserts and piping on the neck, which gives the jersey a bit more of a snug fit.

Source: Supplied.

Overall, the jersey itself doesn’t have that wet-suit tight feel but it is a little more snug than your traditional styled jersey, but it doesn’t feel restrictive in any way. The gear looks good and feels great on as well.

The pants feature a normal zip closure with double Velcro ‘slaps’ on either hip, along with plastic micro adjustments to get the fit just right.

The knees are reinforced with Kevlar on the inside of the knee to help with longevity of the pants, constantly rubbing on the tank and seat of the bike, while foam reinforcements on the give it added strength and a little bit of extra padding as well.

High density polyester features in the area of contact with the seat to provide greater grip, comfort and durability. As with all pants, they’re the article of gear apart from boots that get a lot of movement and friction, so Acerbis has implemented double and triple stitching in critical areas to help give the pants a longer life in rougher conditions.

Source: Supplied.

The pants fit well with a wide range for adjustment with the Velcro straps on either hip, the zip and button up at the front ensure everything stays together. The pants are not too tight either, they’re a little bit more fitted, but nothing like a pair of skinny jeans.

There is plenty of room for knee braces, so they cant be too tight, and if you’re at all worried about how tight they are, just size up and use the Velcro straps to sort the hips out.

The 2017 Acerbis Special Edition Dreamevil gear set has hit the shelves and the pant and jersey combo can be picked up for $69.95 for the jersey and $189.95 for the pant. For more information, visit or