Products 10 Jul 2017

Bike: 2018 Suzuki RM-Z250

Suzuki unveils various updates to quarter-litre class entry.

Suzuki’s latest MX2 contender, the 2018 RM-Z250, was globally released over weekend, with the Japanese manufacturer revealing the quarter-litre machine has received a handful of minor updates for the new year.

The main features for 2018 include new graphics and colour styling to coincide with the significantly overhauled RM-Z450, completing what is already an impressive package. The RM-Z250’s engine has heightened mid-range power and torque while maximum power is still maintained, while the power delivery is smoother and linear for easier control.

Crankshaft and magneto mass are balanced to reduce engine braking losses, while the camshafts and intake valves design widens engine performance. A slippery cam chain tensioner and precise adjuster assist in reducing valve train friction.

Crankcase passages are designed for increased lubrication, as the clutch cover with oil level window eases maintenance checks. The compact aluminium cylinder is finished with Suzuki Composite Electrochemical Material (SCEM) coating for durability, lightweight and efficient heat transfer.

A specially designed piston, pin and rings improve durability and ring-sealing pump, while cooling performance is efficient with balanced flow between the left and right radiators, and a high capacity coolant pump.

The exhaust’s long header pipe enhances low-to-mid range power while the lightweight muffler meets sound standards. A specially designed kick drive gear, breather gear and kick idle gear ratios with an effective decompression system improves starting. Unlike some competitor’s motorcycles, a hot-start lever system is not required.

Moving to the electronics, they’re designed for motocross use – the lightweight, battery-less, electronic fuel injection system with progressive throttle linkage delivers efficient power. A 12-hole fuel injector sprays a fine fuel/air mist for efficient combustion while the throttle valve angle also reduces engine braking losses. Easy-to-use fuel couplers are included to simplify EFI tuning.

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For quick fuel adjustments to suit riding conditions, two couplers are provided. One is for a rich and another for a lean fuel setting compared to the stock setting. Riders can change fuel settings in seconds by simply connecting either coupler to the wire harness.

Suzuki Holeshot Assist Control (S-HAC) is a selectable launch mode system derived straight from the factory race bike. S-HAC helps the rider’s takeoff from the starting gate for an early lead. There are three modes riders can choose for the best option per their skill level and starting conditions.

The transmission has a well-designed five-speed gearbox that enables precise gear shift operation. The gear selection feel and accuracy is the result of a refined shift cam and shift lever. Specialised machining processes ensure the precision of the matching gears.

A slim chassis design creates a trim riding position, allowing the rider to actively take control of the machine. Advanced designed KYB PSF2 Pneumatic Spring front fork uses air chambers in place of steel springs for light weight, easy adjustability, improved damper performance and smooth action from low friction.

Riders can adjust both air forks with one balanced air pressure setting from a hand-pump. Compression damping is adjustable while rebound damping force is both high- and low-speed adjustable. Front upper and lower fork clamps are anodized black, complementing the gold fork leg finish.

Innovative KYB rear shock absorber is connected link style to the swingarm via re-shaped cushion rods and spacers. The nitrogen-charged, piggyback style shock features a new top-mounted integral adjuster system for easy adjustment of the high and low-speed rebound, and high- and low-speed compression damping force adjusters.

Spring preload can be precisely tuned via a threaded collar on the main shock body, as a lightweight front brake calliper has low mass while still providing outstanding stopping force.

The 2018 RM-Z250 will be available from Australian dealerships in late July with an unchanged recommended retail price of $9990. Stay tuned to Suzuki Motorcycles Australia’s website at for further information.